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By Kyoudai, June 17, 2015 E3, News, Wii U

Statements from Metroid Prime series Producer Kensuke Tanabe in a Eurogamer interview.. “If we started for Wii U now, it would likely take three years or so. So it would likely now be on Nintendo’s NX console. It’s a long… Read More »

By Kyoudai, June 16, 2015 E3, Editorial, Wii U

If it wasn’t clear enough to you that Nintendo was moving development to their next dedicated gaming hardware, codename the NX, their 2015 E3 Digital Event made it quite clear. In fact, so clear that Nintendo is looking to the future with NX,… Read More »

By Kyoudai, June 16, 2015 E3, News, Wii U

Wii U is getting its first Mario sports title in Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam, coming this fall! The title has an online singles mode, and also features local doubles matches! You perform “Slams” in the air when you hit the tennis… Read More »

By Kyoudai, June 16, 2015 3DS, E3, Legend of Zelda, News

We may not be getting Zelda Wii U this year, but as predicted, we’re getting a new Zelda title for the 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes! Either locally or online, you can cooperatively join 2 other players to… Read More »

By Kyoudai, June 16, 2015 3DS, E3, News

One of the bigger surprises of Nintendo’s Digital Event was the announcement of Next Level Game’s next title in the Prime Universe, Metroid Prime: Federation Force for the 3DS! Set to release in 2016, in Metroid Prime: Federation Force you play… Read More »

By Kyoudai, June 16, 2015 E3, News, Wii U

StarFox Zero was showcased during Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event in greater detail this year, as supposed to their micro announcement of StarFox last year! In collaboration with Platinum Games known for their tight, fast, action-packed titles and Nintnedo, StarFox Zero… Read More »

By Kyoudai, June 9, 2015 3DS, E3, Editorial, Wii U

Nintendo’s triple-E Digital Event is exactly 1 week away. Before the June 16th event arrives, follow me through the green pipe and let’s see if Nintendo’s promises of last year’s E3 either delivered or disappointed. Nintendo’s first ever Digital Event… Read More »

By Kyoudai, June 9, 2015 Editorial, Wii U

Splatoon was just released upon the gaming population, excitement is in the air, and you, Squiddo, want in on the splat-tastic action! Turf Wars, and the like, are no place for rookie squids, so use these quick tips to get… Read More »

By Kyoudai, May 29, 2015 3DS, News, Release Dates, Wii U

Nintendo’s very own E3 Digital Event is just a little less than 3 weeks away, but come this Sunday, May 31, 7pm Japan Time, Nintendo will be airing a Direct showcasing Wii U and 3DS titles set to launch in… Read More »

By Kyoudai, May 29, 2015 Editorial, Wii U

​When you think of Nintendo, you’d not be wrong if The Super Mario Bro came first to your mind, Mario. I’m sure Pokemon, Link, and also Donkey Kong would come up through your thought process as well. After all, Nintendo… Read More »