Dementium Remastered

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 9/10

Very Atmospheric | Save Points

Some Bland Areas | Cycling Through Weapons

Game Info

GAME NAME: Dementium Remastered

DEVELOPER(S): Renegade Kid

PUBLISHER(S): Renegade Kid

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo 3DS

GENRE(S): First Person Horror

RELEASE DATE(S): December 3rd, 2015

Renegade Kid has more recently gained reputation for their foray into 2D platforming and exploration with titles such as Mutant Mudds and Xeodrifter.  Before they made the aforementioned titles though, they made a name for themselves amongst Nintendo fans with first-person titles such as Moon and Dementium: The Ward on the DS handheld.  With Moon already remade in the 3DS eShop title Moon Chronicles, it almost seemed natural for the next remake to be Dementium.


The meat and potatoes of Dementium remain intact.  Nothing has changed in the store.  The changes are visual, with updated graphics and textures, as well as 3D display added for 3DS users.  Other notable changes are the inclusion of save points and no respawning enemies. Gamers who were turned off by these hindrances in the original will be happy to note that this in no way makes the game any less difficult but instead makes it much more enjoyable. Also new to the game is c-stick support, though since I unfortunately don’t own a New 3DS I was unable to test this option out.  I am happy to tell you, though, that the stylus control scheme still works brilliantly.

The title starts off with your character in a mental ward.  There isn’t much story given here and after finding a flash light and nightstick you start venturing about the hospital.  You come across various enemies to start with, such as zombies, slugs and locusts (I think).  The game is rich in Silent Hill and Resident Evil tones but at the same time does it’s own unique thing.  The Infant Ward is downright creepy as hell and the atmosphere with the xylophone music will send chills down your spine.  The puzzles are clever and well placed between the combat to break up the game quite nicely.


As you progress through the game you will run across some boss fights and also collect some new weapons for your arsenal.  Switching weapons can become quite tedious because of the lack of light in the game.  You will constantly be switching between the flashlight and your weapon of choice to demolish the oncoming enemy.  This turns the game’s combat into a “back away from enemy, wait for enemy to approach” type.  I get that this makes the game scarier because you need to cycle away from the flashlight, but it would be a nice option to find some tape later on and be able to stick the flashlight on your weapon.  There is an assortment of guns, ranging from a pistol to a sniper rifle to collect, as well as a few up close weapons.  Hands down my favorite weapon was the buzzsaw. So awesome!

The graphics and 3D effects are pulled off wonderfully in this remaster.  My complaint has nothing to do with the extra polish and coat of paint and more with the same bland areas that you will see.  Once you’ve seen one janitor closet, you’ve seen them all.  There isn’t much to see outside your enemy encounters, save points and health and ammo.

The Recommendation

Dementium Remastered is another worthy addition to the Nintendo 3DS eShop family.  Renegade Kid’s titles always scream quality and this one isn’t any different.  I had a few minor complaints that to me are linked to the game being several years old and the developers aiming for a “scare” factor but other then that, the 4 hour playthrough from start to finish was a blast.



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