eShop Reviews

Twisted Fusion (, )
November 1, 2016 -

Shout outs to Lewis Pugh of Leuvsion, former Infendo host and now can be found at Nintendo Voice, for providing… Read More »

Olympia Rising (, )
June 17, 2016 -

Olympia Rising seems like your run-of-the-mill, indie-developed game on the Wii U eShop. But closer inspection reveals that this frantic action platformer is a real treat (and a cheap one at just $4.99).

Epic Dumpster Bear (, )
May 30, 2016 -

Bears and dumpsters and salmon, oh my!

Word Puzzles By Powgi (Wii U) (, )
April 6, 2016 -

It’s a great game if you’re looking for word puzzles, and a terrible one if you’re looking for anything else. A game like this isn’t objectively good or bad. If you enjoy word puzzles, look no further.

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (, )
March 17, 2016 -

Fans of the original who don’t mind a challenge will be in gamer heaven, in that Super Challenge will satisfy the craving for more Mutant Mudds content and more difficult level designs.

Typoman (, )
November 24, 2015 -

I had such a dismal time playing Typoman, the end couldn’t come soon enough.

Gemology (, )
October 12, 2015 -

If you can overcome Gemology’s initial difficulty spike, you may uncover a worthwhile experience.

Gunman Clive HD Collection (, )
September 16, 2015 -

The Gunman Clive HD Collection is available now! But does Gunman Clive hit the mark, or is he already six-feet under?

Beatbuddy: Tales of the Guardians (, )
August 10, 2015 -

Despite all the technical problems, I would still highly recommend Beatbuddy.

Roving Rogue (, )
July 13, 2015 -

Roving Rogue has a couple of promising ideas that, unfortunately, never deliver or even drag the game down sometimes.