Making Sense of Nintendo’s Digital Event

If it wasn’t clear enough to you that Nintendo was moving development to their next dedicated gaming hardware, codename the NX, their 2015 E3 Digital Event made it quite clear. In fact, so clear that Nintendo is looking to the future with NX, Reggie Files-aime even hinted as such at the beginning of their Digital Event, stating NX news is coming in 2016, only 6 months away!

It could be as Mr. Iwata and company has said, “we’re only talking about and showing games coming out this year.”
All that may be true, but then we’re still stuck with a funny taste in our mouth.

So, where does that leave the rest of us Nintendo fans in the meantime who own a Wii U?

Well, somewhat underwhelmed, and for the most part, exactly where we were before Nintendo’s E3 event. All the Wii U titles presented at this year’s Digital Event were titles we already knew about more or less, the exceptions being Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam and Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.

The lineup of upcoming Wii U titles for the rest of this year has come together and is jam-packed:

  • Splatoon and Smash Bros DLC throughout the year
  • Devil’s Third in August
  • Super Mario Maker in early September
  • Yoshi’s Woolly World in early October
  • StarFox Zero likely in mid November
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X in the first week of December

We also know Mario Tennis:US, AC: Amiibo Festival, and Fatal Frame are all due to release by the end of this year. But that’s just it, besides Altus’s early 2016 crossover Fire Emblem title and Zelda Wii U, everything is releasing this year, nothing beyond what’s stated.

We know Retro Studios is hard at work on an unannounced title, the same goes for the Super Mario Bros team at EAD who’s also been silent on their next project! This is where everything about today’s Digital Event starts to make a whole lot of sense!

Wii U

Nintendo is human and developing titles for 3DS, Mobile, and the NX – the Wii U had to give a little!

Where are all those special E3 surprises!? Those special moments when you want to jump up and cheer!?
They’re coming… in 2016, along with the official unveiling of the NX!

The Wii U has only roughly sold to 10 million people worldwide, far and away behind any of Nintendo’s previous home consoles. You would think, then, a reduction in the Wii U’s price point would have happened, but it’s still at $299.99 msrp, and that’s very telling!

Why would Nintendo want those hard to be persuaded customers dive into a Wii U now, when in 2 years or less the NX will be on the market? If Nintendo sold a Wii U to those types of customers in the year 2015, would those same types of customers be willing to put down money on new hardware, the NX, in 2016, or 2017? I wouldn’t think so.

We know the developers behind Mario Galaxy series is working on an unannounced title, probably a “True” sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2! Ever since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze wrapped-up in development, Retro Studios has been building up their team of developers for an unannounced project as well.

From Nintendo’s standpoint, why make successor announcements of new Metroid and Mario titles at the end of Wii U’s life, when you can announce those 2 show-stopper titles for the beginning of the new NX’s life-cycle?

So many voiced and predicted Nintendo to move on from the Wii U.
Today’s Digital Event finally showed some evidence of that, and now so many are soured by that reality!




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