3DS Reviews

Monster Hunter Generations (3DS) ()
July 31, 2016 -

While it may be more of an extension of Monster Hunter 4 than its own completely unique experience, it certainly does a good job of outshining its predecessor and carving a spot as another must-have for fans of the series. Generations will be the go-to game for most of the online community for a long while now, and that alone is a justifiable reason to pick it up.

Word Puzzles by POWGI (3DS) (, )
March 30, 2016 -

Word Puzzles by POWGI would have benefited from a more interesting presentation on almost all fronts, but it does offer a huge variety of word games that will appeal to anyone interested in the genre.

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (3DS) (, )
March 18, 2016 -

A highly enjoyable, yet bone crushingly hard title, that continues from the end of the 2012 original and laughs at your defeats. Voilà, you have Mutant Mudds Super Challenge!

The Delusions of Von Sottendorff & His Square Mind (, )
February 8, 2016 -

Ignoring the camera and platforming issues, the core gameplay in The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and His Square Mind can add up to a satisfying experience for anyone starved for a puzzle game.

Dementium Remastered (, )
December 8, 2015 -

Renegade Kid has more recently gained reputation for their foray into 2D platforming and exploration with titles such as Mutant… Read More »

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes ()
November 26, 2015 -

Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series has never been one to stray too far from its series’ roots. Granted, there have… Read More »

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate ()
August 22, 2015 -

Most people would agree that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a fantastic game. But is it the right game for you?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D ()
July 29, 2015 -

Overall, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is a deep and highly satisfying RPG.

Stretchmo (, )
May 19, 2015 -

Some additions to the acclaimed gameplay introduced in Pushmo may not sit well with everyone, and the poor execution of community sharing doesn’t help either.

Cube Creator 3d (, )
May 4, 2015 -

Cube Creator 3D the latest title from the crew over at Big John Games, creators of Ohno Odyssey, Thorium Wars,… Read More »