Word Puzzles By Powgi (Wii U)

6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Polish: 8/10
Replayability: 5/10

Solid puzzle action | Multiple modes | Easy to use

Repetitive | Lacking

Game Info

GAME NAME: Word Puzzles By Powgi


PUBLISHER(S): Lightwood Games


GENRE(S): Word Game

RELEASE DATE(S): February 11, 2016

Word Puzzles By Powgi is one of those games that could often get overlooked among the sprawling list of puzzle and brain-teaser type games available on the WiiU eshop, but make no mistake, this is a quality title. It may lack the bells and whistles that would keep younger audiences attentive, but the crossword enthusiast can expect hours of enjoyment from this game.


Word Puzzles By Powgi is exactly what it claims to be: A collection of word-based puzzle games. In her review for the handheld copy Holly detailed what each of these modes has to offer. Every mode, while presenting the puzzles in their own way, provides you with the same challenge: deduce the words that make up the answer using the letters provided. Sometimes this is done by highlighting the entire word. Other times you’ll be inserting letters into other letters to form complete words. As this is a game that focuses entirely on word puzzles, there’s nothing wrong with having every mode lead to the same end. However, it can become a repetitive task for all but the most ardent word-hunter after only a few rounds. Luckily, with 6 different modes to play, there is enough variety to give you ample reason to continue playing. There are an absurd number of individual challenges within each of these 6 modes, meaning that if word puzzles are your thing, there will be hours upon hours of fun to be had within this title.

This game controls in a way only a game on a touchscreen could, with the player touching the letters to form the answers. This is particularly satisfying in Word Maze, as you glide your finger across the screen to form the various words you need to find. In fact, without the Wii U’s gamepad, this title wouldn’t have stood a chance on a console, as the player would be forced to move a cursor over each letter and press a button to select the letters individually. In that way, it’s safe to say Word Puzzles takes full advantage of being on a system where touch is king.


Another unique feature in Word Puzzles is its Amiibo functionality. When you use an Amiibo in-game, Word Puzzles generates a random puzzle that includes your own name, along with the name of the Amiibo. It’s simple, but a nice little touch that adds some fun to the overall experience. Unfortunately, as far as Wii U specific features go, that’s all you can expect to see. And since both of these features are also available on the 3DS version, there really isn’t much separating the two versions. The one distinguishing feature that separates the two versions is that the 3DS game can be taken on the go, which really makes it the superior of the two versions.

It’s also worth noting that while playing some of the puzzles, I would often have to find the same words multiple times. For example, in one of the puzzles, the category was “Cakes”. I must have found “Angel Food” in four of the six puzzles for that category. In a game like Word Puzzles, repetition is the worst thing you can have. The games need to feel fresh and fun at all times or they risk becoming monotonous, and that’s exactly what happened during my Cakes experience.


There isn’t much more to be said for Word Puzzles By Powgi. It’s a great game if you’re looking for word puzzles, and a terrible one if you’re looking for anything else. A game like this isn’t objectively good or bad. If you enjoy word puzzles, look no further. This game will provide everything you need. You can tell the developers tried to create a fun experience by including so many different modes, and the presentation is polished and professional. There is a fair amount of repetitiveness to a title like this, though, and despite its different ways to play, ultimately you’ll find yourself doing the same thing over and over again: solving word puzzles (by Powgi).



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