Breath of the Wild – Cooking Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Cooking Guide

          In the newest entry with “Zelda”, cooking is a very important part of the gameplay. From basic healing items to giving yourself temporary buffs, you’ll do yourself a huge favour if you dive into the seemingly deep cooking mechanic and figure out what dishes you can make. Or, you can check out this article, where I’ll try to go into some detail on the ingredients, their yielding combinations, and–at the end–where you can find these items.

          During your early game, you won’t have too  much of a need to cook outside of giving yourself buffs, like cold resistance, or maybe a defensive boost. Still, I’m going to cover some more of the most basic dishes you can cook to possibly overall save time when you’re in the middle of battle and only wanna eat one dish to heal 3-5 Hearts instead of mashing the A-button to eat 6-10 Apples in rapid succession (although, doing so does look funny!!)

          Basic Heart Recovery: You can take 5 Apples and cook them into a Simmered Fruit dish that heals you for 5 Hearts. Alternatively, you could just cook 2-3 Apples for a similar dish that heals for only 2-3 Hearts in case you are putting more focus into your Stamina than your Hearts. More on Heart recovery, if you need more than just 5 Hearts to be healed, you can use the basic Raw Meat ingredient. Cooking 1 Raw Meat will yield a Meat Skewer that heals for 2 Hearts. Using 2 Raw Meat yields a Meat Skewer that heals for 4 Hearts. Using 5 Raw Meat yields a Meat Skewer that heals you for 10 Hearts. Pretty easy, right? Alternatively, you could actually use the Palm Fruit ingredient instead of the Raw Meat as it yields the same healing numbers. (i.e., 5 Palm Fruit heal for 10 Hearts)

          Stamina & Temporary Stamina: Speaking of Stamina, let’s do that. A really easy one is the Energizing Mushroom Skewer, which is made by cooking 4 Stamella Shrooms. Additionally, you can take just a single Endura Shroom will give you the Enduring Mushroom Skewer dish that heals you for 2 Hearts and give you 1/5 a wheel of Temporary Stamina. However, think about it: it doesn’t just give you that extra 1/5, it also heals all the Stamina you’ve consumed up to that point. So, if you’re in the middle of climbing, about to almost run out, then eating one of these will put you back on top of the climbing tree!! Very handy. However, in terms of needing more than 1/5 of Temporary Stamina, you could use 5 Endura Shroomfor a 10 Heart recovery, but only 2/5 Stamina, so…here’s a better one: Enduring Fried Wild Greens, a dish that heals you for 20 Hearts and gives you 2 Temporary Stamina Wheels. All you need to cook that is simple: 5 Endura Carrots. Easy. However, if elixirs are your thing, you can use 3 Tireless Frogs with a monster part to yield an Enduring Elixir that heals you for 12 Hearts, all your Stamina and also gives 1 Temporary Stamina Wheel.

         Temporary Hearts: As with Temporary Stamina, you can also get yourself some Temporary Hearts. Some of the more easy dishes are as simple as cooking a single Hearty DurianHearty Simmered Fruit, a dish that recovers all of your hearts–regardless of how many you have–and then gives you 4 Temporary Hearts. A single Big Hearty Truffle gives Hearty Mushroom Skewer that has Full Recovery with 4 Temporary Hearts whereas a single Hearty Truffle gives the same named item with a Full Recovery but only gives 1 Temporary Heart. A single Big Hearty Radish gives Hearty Fried Wild Greens for a Full Recovery with 5 Temporary Hearts, or a single, smaller, Hearty Radish that yields the same dish with Full Recovery but only 3 Temporary Hearts. There’s also a seafood variant that is as easy as cooking a single Hearty Blueshell Snail that yields a Hearty Seafood Skewer that offers a Full Recovery with 3 Temporary Hearts. If Elixirs are more your thing, you could try a single Hearty Lizard and 1 monster part (something as trivial as a Bokoblin Horn will do) and that will yield a Hearty Elixir for Full Recovery and 4 Temporary Hearts. If you’re looking to maximize the number of Temporary Hearts you can get, you’ll need 5 Big Hearty Radish ingredients that, after cooking, yields you a Hearty Fried Wild Greens that give you a Full Recovery with 25 Temporary Hearts.

          Funfact: in “BotW“, you can have a maximum of 30 Hearts, this includes even Temporary Hearts. That being said, if you have, say, 20 Hearts, and then eat a dish that gives you 15 Temporary Hearts, then you’ll you’ll gain 10 of those Temporary Hearts so that you’ll have 30, unfortunately wasting 5 of them. May not seem like a lot, but, especially in late game, you’ll never bother with making a +25 Temporary Hearts dish when it only takes 3 to get the max 30.

         Buffs: The last thing you could cook for is to give yourself buffs. I mean, if it’s cold, you could wear the Warm Doublet and you’ll probably be OK, but you could also cook up some Spicy Simmered Fruit for a 2nd Level Cold Resistance or so that you could stay warm. But let’s say you’re deep in the Hebra Mountains and if you wanted to climb more quickly. You could make a Level 2 Cold Resistance dish/elixir and then wear your Climbing Gear, or you could wear the Snowquill set and drink a Level 3 Haste elixir–it all depends on how you feel you need to go about getting around the world. So I’m gonna take a look at some of the more conducive dishes/elixirs you can cook.

          Cold Resistance: Trying something as simple as using 5 Spicy Pepper ingredients only gives you a 12.5 minutes of Level 1 Cold Resistance. So, instead, try 5 Sunshrooms. This gives you a 12.5 minute Level 2 Cold Resistant dish. If you can get your hands on a Shard of [Dragon]’s Horn ingredient–mind you, only used in dishes, not elixirs–it’ll make the cold resistance last for 30 minutes. These dishes also heal for hearts, which is a bonus–but we’re focusing on the bonuses. Still, the last ingredient I gave, 4 Sunshrooms and a Shard of [Dragon]’s Horn, it heals for 7 3/4 Hearts. However, if an Elixir is more your speed, you can use 3 Warm Darner dragonfly ingredients with a monster piece–probably a Bokoblin Horn–and that’ll give you a Level 2 Cold Resistance for roughly 8.5 minutes. The time varies from time to time, as it depends on the number and quality of monster parts you use. I recommend Keese Eyeballs.

          Heat Resistance: In keeping with simple, you can cook 5 Chillshrooms giving you the Level 2 Heat Resistance for 12.5 minutes. However, if an elixir is your desire, you can use my favoured 4 Cold Darner w/ a Keese Eyeball for a Level 2 Heat Resistance lasting for c. 13.25 minutes. Of course, if you use a Shard of [Dragon]’s Horn with only 4 Chillshrooms, you’ll get a rad Level 2 Heat Resistance dish that lasts for 30 minutes!! That’s a long time in the sun.

          Electric Resistance: I should point out now: you’ll resist Electric Element damage, and won’t actually be immune to being struck by lightning–that’s something food won’t do for you, however–a simple dish can be made with only 4 Zapshrooms giving you Level 3 Electrical Resistance for 10 minutes. Throw in another Zapshroom for the same but lasting for 12.5 minutes. For an elixir, you’ll wanna use the Thunderwing Butterfly. To be honest, I don’t use Electric Resistance because I have the Rubber Set which not only gives me said resistance but also makes me Unshockable. In truth, I can be shocked, however I simply take no damage from it. So…basically the same thing?

          Speed Boost: Alright, so I also never really use the Speed Boost effects, but I do have some [mostly] easy recipes to get one. Using 5 Swift Violet flowers, you can get a Hasty Fried Wild Greens that gives you Level 3 Speed Boost for 5 minutes. Or, you could use 4 Hot-Footed Frogs with a monster part to give you a Hasty Elixir giving you a Level 3 Speed Boost that lasts for c. 5.25 minutes. Again, I don’t use this one, so I haven’t experimented too far off.

          Stealth Boost: This one I have had to use from time to time, but still haven’t experimented too far off. Still, I have one super easy dish: Sneaky Mushroom Skewer. You take 5 Silent Shrooms to make that dish that gives you a Level 3 Stealth Boost for 10 minutes. However, if you want a less powerful elixir, try 2 Sunset Firefly with 3 Keese Eyeball ingredients. This will give you the Sneaky Elixir that only gives a Level 2 Stealth Boost but fore 13.5 minutes. That’s pretty good, I think.

          Attack Boost: I’m gonna be dead honest and tell you I only know the seafood dish recipe for this one and the Defense one, because they’re both so very easy5 Razorclaw Crab give you a Level 3 Attack Boost lasting for a mere almost 4.25 minutes. However, if you take 4 Razorclaw Crabs with a Shard of [Dragon]’s Horn, it’ll last for 30 minutes. That’s right. Half an hour of a triple attack boost. Oh yeah!!

          Defense Boost: Just like it’s Attack Boosting brethren, simply cook 5 Ironshell Crab to give you the Tough Seafood Skewer, a rad dish that will give you a Level 3 Defense Boost for a paltry 4.25 minutes. However, if you use only 4 Ironshell Crab with a Shard of [Dragon]’s Horn, it’ll last for 30 minutes.

          Fireproof: One of the last few buffs I can think about a dish/elixir giving you, being Fireproof, I actually only know about elixirs being the answer. That said, I don’t have many “dead on” examples other than it can be made with either using a Fireproof Lizard or Smotherwing Butterfly with monster parts. The only 2 examples I have off the bat are my Fireproof Elixir items where one was made from 4 Fireproof Lizards and 1 Lynel Horn that keeps me from catching fire for 11.25 minutes. Also, the other was made from 2 Smotherwing Butterflies with 3 Bokoblin Horns that keeps me fireproof but only for 8.5 minutes. Honestly, you can tinker around with the exact combination here, I’ve only ever needed to make them to last just long enough to get the cheapest armour piece from the Goron City shop. Anyway, they work all the same, and maybe you need to climb while out and about in Death Mountain?? Who knows.

          Aside from the useful things you can make, you can also make “silly” dishes that may or may not be as equally useful. I’ll just add in some of my favourites:

          Hearty Gourmet Spiced Meat SkewerFull Recovery and 4 Temporary Hearts, cooked with 1 of each of the following: Hearty Radish, Raw Gourmet Meat, Tabantha Wheat, Cane Sugar, Goron Spice.

          Hearty Fried Egg and RiceFull Recovery and 4 Temporary Hearts, cooked with 1 of each of the following: Hearty Radish, Hylian Rice, Fresh Milk, Bird Egg, Goat Butter.

          Hearty Gourmet Meat CurryFull Recovery and 5 Temporary Hearts, cooked with 1 of each of the following: Big Hearty Radish, Raw Gourmet Meat, Hylian Rice, Bird Egg, Goron Spice.

          Hearty FruitcakeFull Recovery and 4 Temporary Hearts, cooked with 1 of each of the following: Apple, Hearty Durian, Tabantha Wheat, Cane Sugar, Goat Butter.

          Hearty Fruit PieFull Recovery and 4 Temporary Hearts, cooked with 1 of each of the following: Hearty Durian, Tabantha Wheat, Cane Sugar, Goat Butter, Goron Spice.

          Hearty Copious Simmered FruitFull Recovery and 4 Temporary Hearts, cooked with 1 of each of the following: Apple, Palm Fruit, Wildberry, Hearty Durian.

          Obviously, you’ll find all sorts of different recipes. Some that work better for you than they do for me, and some you’ll prefer to use more of instead. The beauty of “Breath of the Wild” is simply that you can do whatever you want, and whatever works best for you. I just sat down to set up this guide to better aid those of you who are either just now starting the game, or haven’t quite taken to cooking yet. If all else fails, take the time to read the description for each of your ingredients, and they’ll tell you what they’re used for. The ingredient icons with a heart in the top-right are food/dish ingredients, and should be used together. Everything else, like insects, frogs and lizards should be used with monster parts to create elixirs.

          Also, not to mention, if you attempt to use multiple ingredients with different effects, they’ll nullify and have no effect. So, for example, if you took a Hydromelon, used for Heat Resistance, and cooked it with a Spicy Pepper, used for Cold Resistance, you’ll end up with basic, 2 Heart RecoverySimmered Fruit, with no added buffs to be granted. You have to make sure you know what you’re mixing depending on the result you’re attempting to yield. It all just takes a little reading, comprehension, and practice.

          Good luck, Chef!!


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