“Skyward Sword” (Wii)

“The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” (Wii)

          Oh, boy! It’s a Zelda! Look, I’m going to start this article off honestly: I’ve only ever played parts of “Skyward Sword”, and it was actually under not the best circumstances. Here’s the thing:

          “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” was released for the Nintendo Wii in November of 2011. Much like “Monster Hunter” on the 3DS introducing the “Circle Pad Pro” attachment for the 3DS, “Skyward Sword” introduced the “Wii Motion Plus” attachment for the Wii-mote controller. Eventually, with the 3DS, Nintendo released the “new Nintendo 3DS” and “new Nintendo 3DS XL” with a “C-Stick”–although, it’s more of an IBM mouse nipple, instead of a stick–and extra trigger buttons that all function as a built in “CPP” attachment. Similarly, for the Wii, Nintendo went and released Wii-mote controllers with the “Wii Motion Plus” built into the controller. They did that for one damn good reason: “Skyward Sword” and it’s gameplay rely heavily on the “Wii Motion Plus” hardware for everything from sword wielding to controlling certain items to throwing bombs. It wasn’t just that, however, that gameplay relied on for input. Seeing as the game was on the Wii, it also used the “Wii Sensor Bar” for things like aiming. So, why does all this factor into my own personal play?

          All of those things considered, my first and really only time playing “Skyward Sword” was at a friend’s house whom only had a sensor bar which required batteries. It also happened to eat through them like candies, so you might often find yourself having to exchange batteries and reset the sensor bar quite often. Not to mention, with the excessive motion controls necessary, you’d also find yourself having to recalibrate them. Both of these things, of course, would take turns interrupting gameplay and many times result in mild frustration. This was, of course, on top of the pre-existing mild frustration you got from having to meticulously control Link’s sword and items with the Wii-mote. In concept, I know how awesome it sounds to be able to control Link’s sword with 1-to-1 movement and pull up his shield with the “Nunchuck” attachment (yes, that was a thing). However, in execution, it just comes out as really sloppy and, overall, not all that fun. To me.

          Now that that trip down memory lane is complete, and you can keep in mind my frustrations playing this game, let’s actually take a look at it:

          For five years after the release of “Twilight Princess”, “Skyward Sword” was in constant development. Designed to mimic the look of impressionist painting artwork, the graphics looked like a cool combo of water colours rendered with cell shading. The music, composed by a team led by Hajime Wakai and supervised by Koji Kondo, was the first Zelda title to use a live orchestra for majority of the tracks. The story of the game is basically the epilogue to the entire series. Ganondorf won’t be found anywhere, and Zelda is just a normal, fleshed out girl friend of Link. Back to Ganondorf–or, the lack thereof–you’ll find a guy named Ghirahim who attempts to resurrect his master: Demise. Demise, upon being defeating, apparently curses Link and Zelda, saying they’ll forever be ensnared in an ongoing struggle against the forces of evil (which gives way to Ganon/Ganondorf in the previous entries).

          From the start of the game, you’ll find yourself on a plot of land, a kind of floating island, amongst the clouds in the sky. Instead of a horse, Link rides a bird–a Loftwing. Soon enough, you’ll be sent down to the surface area which is overrun with monsters and friendly NPCs alike. Also part of the story and gameplay is this entry’s version of “Navi”: Fi. Your main weapon, the Goddess Sword, is a dual weapon/spirit entity known as “Fi”. She’ll tell you all about enemies, how to dispatch them, give you hints/directions on where to go or what to do next, and all that sorts of good stuff. She’ll also aggravatingly inform you whenever the Wii-mote’s batteries are low. Eventually, it turns out, the Goddess Sword is ultimately forged to be the initial iteration of the Master Sword, the Sword of Evil’s Bane–the perfect tool to dispatch Demise!!

          Along with adding in flying on birds for the game, Nintendo also added a new technique to Link’s swordplay: the “Skyward Slash”. By holding the Wii-mote upwards, the sword would charge power that could then be slashed outward akin to the original NES and SNES “Zelda” games that would eject energy blasts whenever your Health was full. This, as you can tell, is where the entry gets it’s title, “Skyward Sword”.

          Now, there’s tons of people who absolutely love this entry, and for good reason: if you can simply get over the occasionally detrimental controls, “Skyward Sword” did quite a lot right for the series. Having the ability to farm for items to then use to upgrade your gear, it gave actual meaning to running around killing off enemies like crazy besides the usual affair of just, “well, they’re there and I don’t want to die.” While many would argue that this adds unnecessary padding to the game, much like grinding in an RPG, I’ll counter-argue that none of this is needed to advance in the game. Sure, it’ll help make the game easier in spots, but it’s solely dependant on how you want your adventure to go. Although there are times when NPCs will upgrade your items for you, all other upgrades are completely optional. It also adds in the stamina concept, which is great, and makes you think about how best to approach and execute certain actions, such as climbing, or moving around/through enemies. It can be very helpful, but also very damaging if you’re not careful. Quite the double-edge sword.

          As for the other crowd of folks that don’t love this entry–of which I am one–most seem to do so based on the forced motion controls. My poor optimal setup definitely attributed to this, and, unfortunately for my Zelda-loving butt, will continue to keep me from ever playing this game. Unless they port this to the Nintendo Switch with proper gaming controls–only using motion controls, like the gyroscope for the Beetle item, for example–then I most likely won’t ever be experiencing this apparent masterpiece any time soon.

~ Post-Article Notes~

         Speaking of the Nintendo Switch, as of the publishing of this article, we are roughly 2 weeks from the launch of said system. I, myself, do intendo get one, and, of course, I’ll be getting “Breath of the Wild” as well. Being a previous WiiU owner, I would love to get the game for that console, instead, initially. I’d even be willing to hold off on getting a Switch seeing as that’s the only game I intend to get for it at launch. Plus, I’d love more so to play “Breath of the Wild” on it’s originally promised console, seeing as the only “Zelda” games the WiiU got were HD ports of the Gamecube “Zelda” entries, and not an entry of it’s very own. However, given getting a pre-owned WiiU and “BotW” come out to a little over $300, I’ll much more be willing to simply buy a Switch and game for a little under $400, instead. Especially considering it is the brand new Nintendo console that, I mean, I’m pretty sure is going to be the best thing since sliced bread.

         ANYWAY, given this article wraps up my main, console, “Zelda” entries, I’m probably going to tackle smaller articles for the, well, smaller entries–the portable consoles (i.e., Gameboy and DS and etc…) during the week leading up the release of the Switch as well as the 2-3 days I’ll give myself to form a solid opinion on “Breath of the Wild” as a “Zelda” entry and write an article here for it. Either way, thanks for reading!

"Skyward Sword" (Wii)
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"Skyward Sword" (Wii)
A not-so-quick look at the second Wii entry of the Zelda series, and also the exclusive "Zelda" entry for the console.
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