“Wind Waker” (NGC)

“The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker” (NGC)

          New year, new “Zelda” article! Specifically, my favourite “Zelda” entry of all time, ever (until, maybe, “Breath of the Wild” for the WiiU/Switch…). “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker”. I love this game. I mean, I absolutely adore everything about this game: the graphics, the expressions, the combat, the story. I love it all. It’s 100% the BEST “Zelda” entry ever–well, to me, anyway–but…why? Well…

          Back in the year of 2002 (2003 for North America) the newest entry into the “Zelda” series was released for the “Nintendo Gamecube” with a little, relative backlash. It wasn’t the higher graphics version of “Ocarina of Time” that everyone wanted. It wasn’t the better version of the Gamecube’s tech demo from Space World back in 2000. To many people’s dismay, it was a cartoony, cell-shaded affair with chibi, little characters and bright, popping colours. The world sprang forth with vibrant models and a handful of particle effects. And it was awesome!! Moving away from the almost emotionless 3D models from “Ocarina” and “Majora” on the N64, Link now gave off a much wider array of emotions through his facial expressions. The scene where his sister is kidnapped, you can feel his despair–and when he’s stuffed into a barrel about to be launched across the ocean and into the Fortress, you can feel his uneasiness. If you were to pan the camera around, you’d be able to see Link’s eyes maybe look around the room towards a hint for getting on with your quest.

          That’s another thing this game did really, really, really well: the camera. With the Gamecube’s C-stick, as opposed to the N64’s C-buttons, you could move the camera around in a full 360° and get a much better surveyance of your surroundings. No longer were you bound to forever look at Link’s back, or only pull it around to center by Z-targeting (now L-targeting). Wanna do an epic camera sweep when you walk out of a dungeon triumphantly? You can do that! Wanna pull off a sweet panning shot while you’re sailing across the “Great Sea”? You can do that, too! Oh…right, the water.

          7.8/10 Too Much Water #IGN

          No longer were you set in Hyrule or a Hyrule-esque setting, now you were in “The Great Sea”. Having the game’s overall map set in an ocean was a bit of a clever way to sneak in loading times between the islands–of which there were several to visit and explore. Granted, often times it could get a little boring sailing around for extended periods of time, but I’ve never really felt as though it were much of a hinderance. The music alone lent itself to really bring a pep in your sails with the sound of adventure! Not to mention, the joys of coming up on a previously uncharted island and seeing it come across the horizon for the first time is pretty exciting!! Also, if you’re really impatient, the HD version offers a faster sail so you can cut through the ocean with ease. And, speaking of cutting…

          The combat was sort of overhauled to fit the Gamecube’s controller, in that you were given the ability to parry, thus allowing you to counter enemy attacks and often maintain control of battles. With many enemies, a well-timed use of your shield would actually disarm them, and allow you to pick up their weapon and use it against them. You sometimes never feel as amazing as when you’re taking out the baddies with a sword 3-4x Link’s size. However, aside from a small handful of other tactics, such as the hurricane spin or whatever, there really wasn’t much else changed. Link is now seemingly faster and more nimble to accommodate his new “toon” art style; while he still feels like he’s “there”, you can definitely tell he’s more…er…squishy, with the combat and general movements reflecting this. It’s so cute, though!!

          There’s so many reasons as to why you should play this game if you honestly never have. There’s so much adventure and fun you have set before you, even if it is shown off a little cartoony. Link, Zelda and friends being in a “Toon” form don’t take away from the range of emotions they’re able to convey; they don’t detract from the settings’ atmosphere and tone; they don’t devalue the impact of the story–if anything, they accentuate it. Greatly. I remember when this game was new, and got so much undeserved hate. Because it wasn’t “adult”, or “realistic”. That’s just silly!! “Zelda: The Wind Waker” had some crazy intense moments for something so animated, as well as it had a few humorous moments. It wasn’t all doom and gloom, but it wasn’t all sunshine and kittens, either.

          I’m all sorts of aware that I’m seemingly going all over the place for this, but there’s so many points about this entry that I just love so much–like the quest for helping out the eskimo dude, or when you save your sister and the poor guy and the rich guy switch places, or when you have to take pictures around the island to earn your Coloured Pictograph, or when you take on the 100 floor challenge, or when–there’s so. much. life. in this game!! From the absolute charming graphics to the expansive ocean overworld to the little fairies in the springs on some islands, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. I honestly cannot apologize enough for just gushing about this game for 800+ characters, but this is 100% my absolute favourite “Zelda” entry across the board. I couldn’t just belt it out in 400-500, and I didn’t just want to breeze through it (hence why I’ve been sitting on it over the holidays–I’ve chopped it down as much as I could!!)

          EITHER WAY, “The Wind Waker”, while originally hated, can hopefully find a way to sail into your heart. Additionally, for as much as people criticize the game for it’s graphics, how many other “Zelda” games can you say honestly end with a scene like this:


See ya next week! Happy 2017!

"Wind Waker" (NGC)
Article Name
"Wind Waker" (NGC)
A not-so-quick look at the first NGC entry of the Zelda series.
(Warning: it's my favourite!!)
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