“Majora’s Mask” (N64)

“The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask” (N64)


          The year 2000 AD. The world just recovered from freaking out over the “Y2k” bug that should’ve ended all of existence on the Earth. Nintendo released a new “Zelda” entry–about the in-game world being destroyed from a moon. So, it’s kind’ve the same thing? Sorta?

          “Majora’s Mask” has long-since been thought of as the “black sheep” of sorts of the “Zelda” franchise. Aside from needing an add-on for the N64 to run better, the entirety of the game revolved around the same 3 days cycled over and over. In the game, 1 minute passes for every 1 second in the real world. This meant, to accomplish a single task, you had just 72 minutes (1h12m). Of course, there were ways to aid your quest: You could fast forward through to the next Day/Night by playing the first 3 notes of “The Song of Time” twice, first. I’m sure that sounds confusing out of context, but it’s easy to pull off in the game! Also, you could slow down time by playing “The Song of Time” backwards, which would result in yielding you twice as much time (144 minutes [2h24m]).

          So, the “3 day limit” really isn’t that bad when you realize that of course they built in workarounds within the game that make it much more manageable. If you haven’t played “Majora’s Mask” because of this, then you really should throw that insecurity in the back seat and try it out anyway. So, what is the game actually like? Well, there’s a lot less dungeons for you to beat, and there’s more of a structure for “go to this one first”. In total, there are only 4 main dungeons in the entire game. And, sure, if you go through only the main dungeons, you’ll beat this game in almost no time at all, and you might even feel robbed. But therein lies the true beauty of “Majora’s Mask”: and that’s the seemingly neverending side quests!

          The Side Quests in “Majora’s Mask” absolutely make this game what it is. By recycling the same 3 days over and over again, the programmers were able to fit so many more events into each corner of the map than any other “Zelda” game. In all the other ones, there’s just a few one-off events that may or may not be linked to one another. Whereas here in “Majora’s Mask”, there’s a ton of side-quests, and they often link up with one another, too! For example: Within the first day alone, you have the option to either help an old lady who got her bomb bag stolen or not. If you do, you get awarded with a mask! If you don’t, you can go buy the bag from the thief later. Eventually–you’ll have to take both paths, and, because of the 3-day cycle, you can.

          It’s because of all of the side quests in “Majora’s Mask” that help bring the in-game world to life. Whenever you help out one of the NPC’s do a thing, you don’t just get a reward like a mask or whatever, you actually get to see how your helping them affects them by the end of the game. When you go and explore different parts of the game when you do or don’t help certain NPC’s, you can actually experience what they’re like based on if you did or didn’t help them in the first place. There’s a lot more of a weight to your actions, and you actually get to feel the consequences of your choices–or sometimes the lack thereof when you reset the time back to the Dawn of the First Day. Still.

          If you haven’t ever played “Majora’s Mask”, for any reason, you should really consider looking into the game for the sake of experiencing all the side quests. Sure, the story is really really really good on it’s own, but there’s a satisfaction you can only get from reuniting the lost couple, or saving the ranch from aliens–yes, that happens.


A quick look at the second N64 entry of the Zelda series.
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