Cube Creator 3d

8.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

Clean Crisp Colorful Graphics/ Use of the bottom screen

Lack of Online MP

Cube Creator 3D the latest title from the crew over at Big John Games, creators of Ohno Odyssey, Thorium Wars, and Coaster Creator 3d. It is also one of the first serious Open World voxel based Survival/World Creation games in the same as Minecraft, FortressCraft and others available on a Nintendo platform. This put Big John Games in the unenviable position of having to fulfill the hunger for a Minecraft-like experience for the 3DS and creating one that is unique enough to stand on its own. Well lets find out.


When you first boot up Cube Creator 3D you are you given the choice to start you game in Survival or Creative. Both give you an open world playground that is there for you destroy, create, and rebuild the world however you see fit by digging, chopping, mining for materials that will help you build and upgrade your tools and armor.  In Survival Mode you will be dropped in the middle of a randomly generated world with nothing but your fists and wits to survive. Lucky for you your fists are just the tools you will need to chop down that first tree and start crafting the tools you’ll use to survive, and rebuild the world around you.

The crafting in Cube Creator is a simple and straightforward process thanks to Big John’s decision to use the bottom screen of the 3DS. Your complete inventory of crafting materials, weapons, tools, and the recipes you’ll use to create them are all right there for you to use with a simple touch of the screen. Need a new pickaxe because the one you were using broke as you were mining diamond and coal in the cave you discovered? Maybe make a door for the sweet pad you built so you can safely sleep through the night? Just tap the crafting menu icon and the pick axe you want to make and if you have the materials needed you are good to go. If not the screen displays what materials you need to farm to create it. This also comes in handy because just like it’s big brothers the game does not pause in Survival Mode and you can be attacked at any time by one of the enemies that populate the four landscapes Cube Creator has on offer. Some are exclusive to their environment like the Mummy which populates the Desert, while others like the weapon carrying Troll and the Mana shooting Wraith will constantly keep you on your toes in all the environments.


The environments you’ll visit on consist of a Desert, Forest, Mountians, and a Snowy region. Each offer a distinct look and unique materials you’ll need to help you survive your adventure and make the most out of your creations. Unfortunately due to the limited power of the 3DS an openworld with all four environments would be near impossible. However Big John Games found a way to work around this issue by implementing a portal system into the crafting nature of the games gameplay that makes complete sense and fro me enhanced the experience. After completing the portal you can travel back and forth, to and from the environment of your choosing. You are also able to pick up and place the portal wherever you want in-case you spawn in an are you are not fond of or are afraid you may not find you way back to if you get lost.

If you don’t want to deal with the crafting and survival aspect Cube Creator 3D then Creative mode is for you. No bad guys to worry about no need for mining and crafting this mode is all about taking all the materials at hand and letting your imagination and creative side take over. In this mode you are given six world templates to choose from to begin or even import your save file from the demo . You’ll have the choice to start with a flat canvas, the four mentioned above and the environment from the Cube Creator 3D demo.

After you choose where to start you will have access to every one of the games building materials, add and remove them at the push of a button and the ability to freely fly around the environment allowing you to build want you want where you want even in mid-air. This mode is also very intuitive and easy to play thanks to Big John’s decision to place everything need just a touch away on the bottom screen just like in the Survival Mode.


Some of Cube Creators technical limitations are much more apparent in its Creative mode though with the games draw distance being the biggest offender while moving around. Big John has been very open this and that this was done to ensure that the game ran at a smooth framerate while playing. If you stop moving however you will be treated to the wonderful site of just exactly how much larger the environment you are playing in is and it is a site. I can also tell you from personal experience that it is truly the environment you’re playing in as I fell to one corner of the map, created a huge tower flew over to the opposite corner and allowed the draw distance to improve and low and behold my tower was visible. Big John also included Miiverse support so the community can share pictures of their creations. It is a little disappointing that this is the only way to share these creations due to lack of any MP support for the title though.

Let’s briefly talk about the visual and audio side of Cube Creator. The visuals will be familiar to anybody that has played a game like this before with the world around you being created by blocks or cubes. Cube Creator’s environmental textures are similar to other games in the genre they do differ enough and offer a certain crispness that helps give it it’s own personality. Another thing that helps with this is the choice not to go the blocky route with the games NPCs instead opting for a more “realistic” or rounded approach. There will be no mistaking a chicken for a duck, a Troll for a Mummy or vice versa here. Each animal and enemy have there own look and animate nicely which also helps separate Cube Creator from the pack.

When it come to the audio side of things Cube Creator again does a nice job. While in creative mode the music is relaxing and lends it self well to the open ended creation aspect. In Survival due to the relaxing nature of the music it give you a false sense of security and safety giving the encounters with enemies an almost jarring and frantic effect which really helps pull together the “survival” aspect of the mode.

The Recommendation

No Cube Creator 3D is not MineCraft and you know what? That’s Awesome. It may not have all the bells and whistles of some of its larger counter points like local or online MP or as many crafting options, but Big John games has created a great game that stands on it’s own merits and personality. When all is said and done Cube Creator is a great game and I’m happy Big John Games took on the challenge. If your are a fan of the genre and a 3DS owner you owe it to yourself to give Cube Creator a look. If your still on the fence jump off and join us or join the over 250,000 others that have downloaded the demo to experience which is just a small slice of what this gem has to offer. With the possibilty of future title updates and Big John continuing to highlight user creations on social media and Miiverse it wont be long before Nintendo fans embrace Cube Creator as their own.



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