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By Anthony, August 14, 2014 3DS, News, Wii U

This week sees the return of XType Plus and also a plethora of other games including some Virtual Console games! The Nintendo Download is as follows: Wii U Download Soon Shine Gaiabreaker XType Plus Wii U Virtual Console Mega Man… Read More »

By Anthony, May 26, 2014 E3, News

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei have finally spit out some information and fresh new screenshots from their up coming collaboration Hyrule Warriors.  It looks as if they are going to take the best for both universes and mash them up to… Read More »

By Anthony, May 23, 2014 News

This week’s North American Nintendo Downloads are as follows: Wii U Download Swords & Soldiers HD Squids Odyssey Fit Music Wii U Virtual Console Street Fighter Alpha 2 3DS Download Turtle Tale Alien On The Run 3DS Virtual Console Mega… Read More »