“Game Set!” – I’m Leaving NintendoFever

My very first post on NintendoFever was my introduction article, titled “Challenger Approaching: Staff Member Unlocked!” Aptly, I think this is the best title to end with. After almost two years writing the longest articles ever written on the website and posting the goofiest, dumbest puns and jokes you could possibly think of, it’s time for me to put my character back in the toybox.

Why am I leaving? This is why:

Backstory – I’ve been a veterinary technician student since the Autumn of 2015. This Spring, my life became so hectic and hellish that I had no chance to pass the crucial class of the semester, and I failed out of the program for two semesters. This is my second and final chance in this college, and I am not letting my life become too cluttered again to make my dreams come true.

You may think to yourself, “Mike, you post one article every other blue moon how does NintendoFever even affect you?”

In that aspect, you’re right. But it’s the desire to create content, knowing that I’m a functioning member of this website and one of the editors on the team that makes me stress and worry about not giving you, the fans, enough to keep you coming back to the website. Take this, add on the fact that Nintendo is bringing us a new console in three months, and the hopeful second Renaissance coming soon to the website that I’ve been helping coordinate behind closed doors along with the new writers being brought onto the fold (Arthur’s work is really worth reading!), there’s enough happening on all fronts that I need to back away entirely. To the two fans of my work on this website (my girlfriend not included) and the three fans that enjoy me on the podcast (my girlfriend’s mother not included), thank you for your support and I hope you follow me on future endeavors.

I’m not leaving the internet, though! The poet in me will always have me writing down thoughts and making goofy comments. If you like these traits, and you’re not in the know, I’ve been a permanent special guest on Infendo Radio (which is now, on a good day, only slightly explicit) since the end of August. I’ve also written a few articles on there, but having to only spend 2 hours a week talking into a microphone feels a lot better on my stress than the weight of all of these unfinished articles of mine clogging up the website

[It’s not easy being your own worst critic, and these don’t even include all of my unfinished reviews…]

Hopefully, this won’t be the last you hear from me on NintendoFever either – there’s still going to be a second Pokemon Podcast Party with Lukas Termini and Jentas at some point after the holidays, and I’m hoping that the team allow me back on the airwaves with them after the Switch comes out so I can share in the excitement of a new console.

In one final gift of content to you guys, I’d like to finish up my reviews that I was supposed to do, all in a paragraph or less:

Super Smash Bros for Wii U: 8/10, this doesn’t count all the DLC that came after, only the launch product and the features planned before launch (such as Tournament Mode). The game is the same as the 3DS version but this is the superior online component, doesn’t have Smash Run but really needs it, Tournament Mode isn’t offline and that kills me, and they really need to make Jigglypuff better but never will.

Splatoon: 8.5/10, this game would easily be a 10 if the offline had an extended story mode and if the offline multiplayer wasn’t an absolute insult compared to the online modes. The fact that they gave a constant stream of DLC for a while, even if it was on the disc, was awesome. Where are the playable Octolings, though?!?

Pokken Tournament: 7.5/10, if this game didn’t die immediately after being launched on the console, it’d be a much higher score. The arcade mode is still being updated with clothing, characters and stages, but the Wii U version doesn’t even have any exclusive content anymore aside from the strange story, now that Shadow Mewtwo is in the arcade. Here’s to hoping it gets a better Switch port.

Pokemon GO: 5/10, game released as a beta, Niantic refuses to be upfront with things, it’s been almost six months and the game still doesn’t have a 1.0 version on the Play Store. Play real Pokemon, because at least with that, you know the game is complete for better or for worse.

So that’s it! Thank you to everyone that has ever read, edited, commented, tweeted about, or complained about my contributions here at NintendoFever, and many props to the team for putting me on. For those of you that want to follow me and keep up to date on my adventures through life, or just want to play games with me, 

don’t hesitate to follow me on Twitter, and add me on Wii U if you want to try to beat me at Smash or Mario Kart (or definitely beat me at Splatoon or cringe with me as we play Lost Reavers)!

(And after you follow me on Twitter, add me on Miitomo for all kinds of cheap laughs)

Handheld gamer? Then add me on 3DS if you ever want to play Pokemon or Monster Hunter or if I ever find my cartridge for Smash and Luigi’s Mansion…

With that, I bid you all adieu, until you hear from me again!


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Animal care specialist by day, running around town wearing a Batman costume by night, Mike somehow finds the time to play videogames and write about them. Take years of writing poetry, music, stories, add some experience in making people laugh, and you've got the mess that is me. Hello!