Sports Games Should Matter for Switch

There are certain games that I feel are important for many reasons to any Nintendo platform, be it a home system or a handheld. Games like Mario kart are a must, some kind of Mario platform game, they are a part of why Nintendo has a lot of success. Sadly there are certain types of games that should have a representation on a Nintendo system, but don’t; wrestling games, football games, basketball games, and while I know that overall there is a lack of third parties in general, that’s not really the point of this article. Nintendo has done an okay job, not great, but an okay job of trying to bring third party like games to the Wiiu over the years, with games like Bayonetta 2, or even Devil’s Third. Not talking about quality, Nintendo even created a third person online shooter to make sure that genre was available.
So while there has not been a great amount of third party support at least Nintendo did what they could to keep things fresh and not overly stale by only having the same four or five games that all star Mario. This brings me to why I wanted to write this, I want to play my sport games on my Nintendo Switch! I want to play the next Madden football and WWE 2K game when they come out for this really awesome looking hardware.
I was lucky enough to get a PS4 for $120 dollars, the disk drive was broken, and lucky for me again, it was an easy fix that took me less than 20 minutes to fix. I now have a system that I can play the new Madden and WWE games on. If I would not have found this great deal for a Sony box, the chance of me Playing Madden 17 and WWE 2K17 is slim to none, as they did not come to the Nintendo WiiU or even the 3DS. I do think it’s a big hit when games with as much appeal as Football and Wresting won’t come to a major system, it’s bad news, and send a poor message about the consumer that the publisher is trying to sell to. If the publisher thinks that no one will but this kind of game that is universal, then why try to make any other type of game that would not have as broad appeal. This could become the WiiU all over again.

I hope when the Switch comes out, that people will support the kind of games they want to see more of, and by no means am I trying to tell people to spend their money on games if they don’t care about them. Sadly this is very much a catch 22 as games need to be bought before they can be made. If EA or 2K hear this, i hope they know there are Nintendo fans that will buy their games! Also they would rather play them on their first system of choice, or in some cases their only system.


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