NintendoFever Podcast Episode 71: Karma Catches Up

Hello to everyone, and welcome to a very overdue episode of the podcast! After trying and retrying to record episode 71, Matt and I finally decided to nix many of our usual segments in favor of focusing on an NX-centric feature, keeping our fingers crossed that our internet connection would hold up! It finally did, but karma struck in other ways. Namely, a lawnmower in the background of my audio.

So we’re a little rusty, but we hope you enjoy this week’s show! Thanks so much for being patient! And speaking of being patient, to those of you who have sent in questions for us to discuss on the podcast, don’t worry! You’ve already been entered to win our episode 75 giveaway, which is also when we’ll be doing our mailbag show! Please look forward to that, but for now: see you in a week!



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Site Manager/Editor - Holly's favorite hobby is playing new or different games. She believes there is no other medium that can offer such weird and wacky things as the gaming industry can. Her Nintendo Network ID is Aeroweth.