Platonic reveals some finalized details on Yooka-Laylee, more info to come

Playtonic Games, a team composed partly of former Rare employees, have “raised the curtain” on their game Yooka-Laylee, an open-world, 3D platformer slated for release on Wii U and several other platforms. The project enjoyed a highly successful Kickstarter campaign last May, earning £2,090,104 of its £175,000 goal. Now Playtonic is ready to start showing off some of the near-finished parts of the game on their blog and with the press, which includes an appearance at E3 2016. One thing that’s missing, for now, is a solid release window.

A recent press release tells us that much, along with revealing juicy details on Yooka-Laylee’s story, characters, and collectibles. The game’s villain, Capital B, has plans to “absorb all of the world’s literature…and convert them into pure profit.” Heroes Yooka and Laylee will traverse the devious depths of Capital B’s business in search of Pagies, magical artifacts that restore Grand Tomes, which, in turn, open more fantastical worlds for the duo to explore. Another collectible, Quills, will allow Yooka and Laylee to purchase new skills, a feature that promises to give players plenty of options and freedom.

More details and content will be showcased in the coming weeks, starting with a feature in the upcoming issue of Edge Magazine, due out on May 26.


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