Game of the Month Club: Checkpoint!

It’s like a book club, but with games.

That’s the simplest way I can think of to describe the NintendoFever Game of the Month Club, and it’s also been the Club’s tagline of sorts since it began on the first day of July last year. Many gaming sites feature a “game of the month”, but what we’re trying to do is significantly more involved than your average “game of the month” honor. We choose “any game that ever came out on a Nintendo system” each month, encourage our community to play the game, and then chat with fans using #NFGameClub on social media.

The idea was brought about by Matt Desind, who co-hosts the NintendoFever Podcast along with myself and Bradley Kragen. It would be shameful on my part not to mention his role in getting this project up and running, because, by golly, I have personally had a blast with it. Some of the highlights we’ve seen over the past eight months include:

Anyway, the Club continues to move forward, as you might expect! We encourage any and all fans to join us as we play great games, make new connections, and, as always, have plenty of fun in the process! To stay in the loop, see below for some of the best ways to keep up with our exploits:

And that should do it! To everyone who has joined us in our journey so far, thank you so much! To any newcomers reading this, well, need I say more? Jump in any time and let’s all enjoy some great gaming!


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Site Manager/Editor - Holly's favorite hobby is playing new or different games. She believes there is no other medium that can offer such weird and wacky things as the gaming industry can. Her Nintendo Network ID is Aeroweth.