Pokemon 20th: In another life…

First of all…


The series, which counts among those that defined my childhood, was born 20 years ago today with the release of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green in Japan. Although the rest of the world had to wait 2 or more years later to experience the phenomenon on GameBoy, that is not the case with today’s Nintendo 3DS re-releases of the originals (they’re still matched by region, though, so players in the West have Red, Blue, and Yellow versions to choose from).

We want to celebrate the beloved series all March here at NintendoFever, so prepare for our Pokémon-themed Game of the Month Club (more on that in the near future) and a question per weekend for everyone to discuss, starting…well, right now! Today, we’d like the staff and readers to consider this question:

In another life, you are a gym leader who can only specialize in one Pokémon type. What type do YOU choose?

Anyone who has ever beaten at least a handful of Pokémon gyms has no doubt wondered why gym leaders seem incapable of actually balancing out their team; I’m not sure if any theories have come about to answer this question, but perhaps gym leaders are required by the Pokémon league to specialize in a certain type so trainers can grow and learn at a gentle pace.

But enough of that! Here are some of the answers from the staff:

“I’d probably be a ground-type gym. That’s probably the weakest gym you could be, but hear me out. Rather than be a cliché Dragon gym with pseudo-legendaries everywhere, you’ve got to take on my (Mega) Swampert, my Garchomp, my Sandslash and my Nidoking…that’s a badass gang of Pokémon right there.” (Mike McSurdy)

“I would use Dark type Pokémon if I was a gym leader, because I love a lot of the different Pokémon with that type or sub-type in the games, including Greninja, Pangoro, Houndoom, and Zoroark… In fact, that’d be my team, and obviously I’d use a Mega Stone on Houndoom!” (Jonathan Cruz)

“Since my favorite non-legendary Pokémon is Totodile, I would honestly choose to run a low-level, water-type gym in Johto! I’d take a cue from Misty and include a Staryu on my team as long as its cry aligned with the anime. And finally, Chinchou. Because I’m a low-level, water-type gym in Johto, for Pete’s sake!” (Holly Fellmeth)

“It’d have to be grass. It’s my favorite type in general, and it’s really versatile. Not to mention I already have an all-grass team ready and waiting for challengers!” (Lukas Termini)

Let us know how you’d run your Pokémon gym in a comment below!


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