Pokémon Turns 20, Still Manages to Make me Feel Young Again

I’ll always love Pokémon. I’ve accepted this fact, though most women haven’t. I’ve loved Pokémon for 20 years now…thanks Nintendo for making me feel old. To commemorate this milestone, Nintendo gave us a 6-minute presentation all about the tiny little Pocket Monsters. And like most things that happen in six minutes (ask your parents [hey the Pokémon series is 20 years old, most of its fans get that joke at this point]), the best parts were right at the end.

There wasn’t much at all announced: Pokémon Sun and Moon were confirmed after leaking yesterday, which means the biggest news is that Pokémon Red, Blue, Green (hi, Japan!), and Yellow on the 3DS Virtual Console will get a free update after launch to be compatible with Pokémon Bank, Nintendo specifically mentioning that you’ll be able to transfer over to Sun and Moon. This raises A LOT of unanswered questions, but let me first say:

Thank Arceus. Hooooly Miltank is this amazing news. This means that if utilized properly, you can download all 3 versions to your 3DS and never need anyone else to trade with to complete your Pokedex. Lonely fans, rejoice!

What this doesn’t answer is how Sun and Moon will play. If Nintendo wasn’t just advertising the new games by only mentioning Sun/Moon instead of the other 3DS titles, this means that RBY transfers in the Bank will only go to those new titles…why? Will it have similar mechanics to the originals, meaning no more Special split, no EV training or IV stats? Or if they can go to any game, how will these Pokémon WITHOUT those new features be translated over? Surely these stats and extra features must be accounted for somehow. Time will tell, though, and we only have to wait until the Holiday season to play Sun and Moon for ourselves.

One thing I will say about the presentation as a whole…the way Nintendo words things and presents things gives me serious arrhythmia. Before the video started, the title card read “watch a new Nintendo Direct celebrating 20 years of Pokémon!”

“Celebrating.” When people celebrate, they usually don’t do so by showing new things. They look back at the history, which they did for 2/3rds of the video. I was starting to worry they wouldn’t give us any new content.

Don’t tease me like that, Nintendo. I’ll send my Dragonite after you.



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Animal care specialist by day, running around town wearing a Batman costume by night, Mike somehow finds the time to play videogames and write about them. Take years of writing poetry, music, stories, add some experience in making people laugh, and you've got the mess that is me. Hello!