NintendoFever Podcast Special: Time to Settle It…In Smash!

Matt Desind and I test out Bayonetta and Corrin, respectively, in a special Super Smash Bros. edition of the NintendoFever Podcast! We also settle our debate on Super Mario World versus Donkey Kong Country once and for all! If you’re not in the know yet, Matt is firmly on Mario’s side, while I am a Donkey Kong supporter! That said, you can view how that match turned out at this link. Additionally, we uploaded our big Ike versus Lucina match, so click here to check that one out!

Let us know how we did in this experimental episode by sending and e-mail to! And don’t even think about missing our upcoming 50th episode in a week! Thank you for listening, and please enjoy!



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Author: Holly Fellmeth View all posts by
Site Manager/Editor - Holly's favorite hobby is playing new or different games. She believes there is no other medium that can offer such weird and wacky things as the gaming industry can. Her Nintendo Network ID is Aeroweth.