Play ALL of the Super Mario Maker contest entries!

Many of you know that we held a Super Mario Maker contest with a Gold Mario amiibo as the grand prize. The podcast folks and I, as well as the rest of the NintendoFever staff, would like to thank all the participants once again for the time and effort you spent making levels for us! We can’t properly describe how much fun we had playing your courses.

To spread the joy, we are making all of the contest entries available to everyone, plus a few bonus levels created by myself and my podcast cohorts. Click here to find a PDF of the list, or just check below:

Super Mario Maker – NintendoFever Contest Entries
7A3E-0000-0031-BCD3 (Chris – Dungeon Two: Fire Temple)
2F9B-0000-002D-2AF7 (fakt00r – hurry!)
1797-0000-003A-04CD (GreenMoblin – Nintendo Fever #NFGameClub)
39D8-000-0037-DB0F (Brett – Konami code)
C05B-0000-003A-B99B (The Johniibo – amiibo Hunting Find the Rares!)
A961-0000-0040-67AE (Dan Unfolded – Super Mario World Test)
D39C-0000-0045-33D5 (Mykola – Nintendo Fever Bonus Level)
3925-0000-0040-4F29 (Nick – Quest for the Triforce, WINNING COURSE)
B7E6-0000-0030-379F (Hayden – Where is the Captain?)
E560-0000-002A-103E (Jentas – 1-1 First Mix)
DC4F-0000-004D-1927 (Cody – Sometimes Cool Yes!)
97EE-0000-0044-843A (Roboxer – See Yourself Become the Villain)

Podcast Peeps’ Creations!
ADD5-0000-005A-50AC (Holly – Careful Now!)
B17E-0000-001C-A831 (Bradley – Bradzilla Time!)
5187-0000-0032-F5EC (Malik – ROSEfDEATH/NINTENDOFEVER)
870F-0000-004D-16F5 (Matt – Trust the arrow)
5E94-0000-004C-B1FE (Malik – Enemy Castle)


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