Game of the Month Club – July 2015: Metroid Prime

Let me start by explaining NintendoFever’s brand new “Game of the Month Club” to you:

  • The idea was actually introduced in episode 18 of the podcast, so check that out if you haven’t already.
  • It’s like a book club, but with games.
  • That said, any game that ever came out on a Nintendo system is on the table.
  • So don’t mistake this for your average Game of the Month “award”. Again, it’s more like a book club…and a good reason to actually play and hopefully beat some classic games.
  • We’ll choose one game a month to dedicate a portion of our gaming time to.
  • Readers of the site, listeners of the podcast, and any other Nintendo fans out there are encouraged to participate with us! If you want to join the discussion on Twitter, please use #NFGameClub. You can also follow @HollyFellmeth, @OnlyMattDesind, and @BradleyKragen for more Game of the Month Club goodness.

Now the question is, what are we playing during the month of July? Well, if the title of this post didn’t make it obvious enough, that game would be Metroid Prime. It’s a classic Nintendo game developed for GameCube by Retro Studios and originally released in 2002/2003. The easiest way to play the game now, however, is to download Metroid Prime Trilogy, a Wii game, using the Wii U’s Virtual Console (you should definitely do that, by the way).

So now you know the rules and the game, so let’s have a great time playing and talking about Metroid Prime in July!


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Site Manager/Editor - Holly's favorite hobby is playing new or different games. She believes there is no other medium that can offer such weird and wacky things as the gaming industry can. Her Nintendo Network ID is Aeroweth.