Ode To Affordable Space Adventures

Ballad of Affordable Space Adventure in the style of the Gilligan’s Island Theme Song

Just sit right back

And you’ll play a game

A game in a Small Craft ship,

That’s provided by Uexplore,

KnapNok Games and Nifflas.


You can play alone with the Gamepad,

Or with two friends if you’re sure,

It doesn’t matter either way,

The game is fun for sure,

It gets tough for sure.


The Atmosphere started getting rough,

Your Mothership was tossed.

If not for the safety record of Uexplore,

Your Small Craft would be lost,

Your Small Craft will be lost.


Your ship crashes to the ground

On the planet Spectaculon

With creepy caves

Ancient Ruins too.

Steamy Jungles

And some ice.

Deadly Robots,

When discovered that you should scan,

Or here your death is vile.


(Ending Verse)


So this was my ode to an Awesome game,

I’ll remember for a long, long time.

Now when I play these other games,

Feels like a waste of time.


The best use of the Gamepad too

And MiiVerse is the best,

To share with the community

That #Nindies are the best.


No gun, no fights, no KDR,

A gem that’s a luxury

Like a Metriod or a Mario

It’s a pure as a game can be.


So if you like GREAT games my friends

You’re sure to get a smile,

Get Affordable Space Adventures

And you will stay a while!


-Affordable Space Adventures is a unique and one-of-a-kind experience that is only possible on the Wii U. The game’s sense of humor just seemed to fit Gilligan’s Island to me so I went with it. With its brilliant use of the GamePad as a Heads Down Display to control and monitor all of the ship’s systems, details like the sound of windshield wipers being used when raining, and the wonderful MiiVerse integration at the end of the game. KnapNok and Nifflas made a game that shows what true innovative game play is all about. If you are a Wii U owner you should own this game and if you don’t yet go out and get it now.


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