NintendoFever Podcast Incoming!

The managing staff here at NintendoFever are happy to announce the upcoming launch of a brand-new podcast, the first episode of which should hit this Monday, February 16th! My name’s Holly Fellmeth, and I’ll be the host in this bold new adventure.

I’ll be joined by co-host Matt Desind, who is a writer here on NintendoFever and over at Matt works as a video game composer and is currently working on the soundtrack for upcoming Wii U eShop title Tiny Galaxy. He’s been on many podcasts in the past; you can hear him on a recent episode of the GameGravy Rewind Podcast. Matt is a huge Nintendo fan.

My podcast hosting and editing experience came primarily from working with the team over at; I co-hosted Infendo Radio starting in August 2013 and was the primary host and editor from July 2014 to January 2015.

Matt and I are are excited to get started on this new project! We would love to hear any thoughts, suggestions, or questions you have for us now or, of course, after the first episode launches. You can leave a comment below this post or send either of us a Tweet…


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Site Manager/Editor - Holly's favorite hobby is playing new or different games. She believes there is no other medium that can offer such weird and wacky things as the gaming industry can. Her Nintendo Network ID is Aeroweth.