Challenger Approaching: Staff Member Unlocked!

Howdy, everyone!

I’d like to introduce myself to everyone at NintendoFever. I’m Mike, and according to my profile, I’m a new writer here!

Like most of you, Nintendo runs deep for me; the first videogame I ever played was Kirby’s Adventure for NES when I was just three years old. With 22 years on my save file so far, I’ve ended up owning every Nintendo console and handheld to this point (barring the Super Nintendo, which I consider one of the biggest sins I’ve committed in my lifetime).

While I have a career in animal care as a doggie daycare worker, my pastimes revolve around gaming. I’ve accumulated over 2000 hours in Monster Hunter Tri between the Wii and Wii U versions (I’m the mentor Holly mentioned in her MH4U demo article!), thousands of hours in Pokemon (yes, I do own one of every Pokemon and no, I have not cheated for them and yes, I have the PC boxes to show them to you), and countless hours in Super Smash Bros.

I will destroy you with Jigglypuff.

I play Mario Kart too, but you don’t want to race against me.


I’m also an amateur speedrunner and amateur competitive Smash player. I really mean amateur though. The highlight of my running is my personal record for Super Mario 64, which is 4 hours, 35 minutes.

Oh, I also happen to run a Wii U Facebook group that you should totally join.

Want to play games with me? I’m probably Miiverse’s most banned user, so here’s where you can find me!

  • Wanna play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: MikeIsaPoet
  • Wanna play Smash Bros for Wii U or any upcoming multiplayer game: MikeIsAPoetThird
  • Wanna play Mario Kart 8: Mike_Fourth_Poet

I look forward to giving you guys amazing reviews and up-to-date news in the future!


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Animal care specialist by day, running around town wearing a Batman costume by night, Mike somehow finds the time to play videogames and write about them. Take years of writing poetry, music, stories, add some experience in making people laugh, and you've got the mess that is me. Hello!