Nintendo Direct Feed: New Hyrule Warriors Content Revealed

(Spoiler alert)

Nintendo Direct released a live feed sharing more features for the highly anticipated game Hyrule Warriors. The video made me even more excited for the game than I already was! If you want to watch the feed’s video, here is the YouTube link.

Some content was repeated, and some of it was new- depending on how closely one has followed the progression of information about the game. I will share what was shared in the feed.

For those who don’t know, Hyrule Warriors combines the series Dynasty Warriors and the Legend of Zelda series. Using characters and settings from The Legend of Zelda, the player uses one-man army combat against swarms of enemies. Also, you battle along side of other characters during the game. Because of this, objectives are always changing. You can also find treasure chests and discover new items to use on bosses, enemies, and objects. To increase the number of soldier bases, and increase your favor in a stage, you must take over the keeps on the map.

Now that you know the basic game play, there are a few things revealed in the video:

These items can be used in battle against bosses, enemies, and objects such as walls or boulders. Bombs were the first mentioned, and shown to be a special item for defeating King Dodongo- just like in Ocarina of Time. The Bow is shown to be a special item for defeating Gohma, which is the first boss of Ocarina of Time. You can use the Hookshot to climb walls, and the Boomerang to cut through obstacles/enemies. Another item shown later in the feed is the Bomb ChuThese Bomb Chus are GIANT. They can cause a lot more damage than they did in the other Zelda games. Chain Chomp is back. The beloved Chain Chomp from the Mario series is back in The Legend of Zelda, and the effectiveness is not disappointing. Also, the Majora’s Mask Moon can also be used as an item. You can pull the moon down on your enemies for lots of damage.
Collage items

In this game, hitting the Cuccos will make them attack you, just like in A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. But in here, you can also make them your ally- helping you defeat enemies. Also did I mention you can summon HUGE Cuccos? Yeah.


Gold Skulltulas
Just like in the Ocarina of Time game, you can hunt for Gold Skulltulas and are rewarded for the amount you find. Just follow the well-known sound of the Gold Skulltula.

Playable Characters:
Unlike other Zelda games, Hyrule Warriors has multiple playable characters, with special weapons pertaining to the character. Link is our first playable character with his legendary Hylian Sword. Our Princess Zelda is active with her Rapier and Light Arrows. Impa, known as Zelda’s caretaker, defeats enemies with her Giant Blade. Sheik (called a “she”, I may add) uses her ninja skills and her Harp against enemies. From Ocarina of Time, we have Darunia, who smashes with his huge Hammer. Also, from Ocarina of Time, we have Princess Ruto, who uses the Zora Scale to control water. From Twilight Princess, we have the beloved Midna, who uses her Shackle to crush enemies. Agitha uses her Parasol and her favorite bugs against her enemies. Zant joins the lineup with his Scimitar and ability to grow to an enormous size. From Skyward Sword, we have Link’s companion, Fi who gracefully dances and uses herself as the Goddess Blade. Our favorite villain, Demon Lord Ghirahim joins the ranks with his tricks and Demon Blade. A character new to the series that is important in Hyrule Warriors is the White Sorceress Lana. She uses her Book of Sorcery to make walls and walk on enemies. At the end of the feed, the anticipated new character is announced: Ganondorf and his Great Sword! (or two) First of all, I could write a whole article on how great his hair is.
Not only that, but the video mentions that there are more playable characters to unlock! Who could it be?

ch1 ch2 ch3 ch4 ch5 ch6 ch7

Cutting grass confirmed.
Apparently they considered having a whole level dedicated to cutting grass, but they just stuck with simply adding it in. Cutting grass can get you hearts, rupees, and other treasures- just like in the other games.

Some additional weapons that you can unlock for different characters include Magic Rod (Link), Baton (Zelda), Spear with Deku Tree (Lana), Naginata (Impa), Gauntlet (Link), and the Summoning Gate (Lana).
weapons weapons 2

Special Attacks
There is special attacks that you can unlock throughout the game. One that is mentioned is Focus Spirit. You fill up your magic meter, then use it to create stronger, more effective attacks on your enemies.

They revealed a few stages for the game including the Skyloft (Skyward Sword), Lake Hylia (Ocarina of Time), and Twilight Field (Twilight Princess). After announcing these, it is mentioned that there are more stages to be revealed, and they hope we like them. I am sure we will!
stagesstages 2

Adventure Mode
This excites me a lot. Designed like the 2D classic Legend of Zelda, Adventure Mode is a mode in Hyrule Warriors that lets you unlock items (and even characters) that you could not otherwise unlock. Each block on the map represents it’s own stage. You must complete stages to unlock others. Once you complete a mission (or stage), the block next to you will unlock, and you can progress.

adventure mode

2 Player Co-Op
Yep, that’s right. Finally, a Legend of Zelda game has a 2 player mode. And instead of splitting screens, one person’s screen is on the TV, and the other’s is on the Wii U gamepad. Understandably, the screen resolution is reduced slightly in comparison to one-player mode, but the graphics are still great!

Costume Sets
The feed ends with information about costume sets that are only available with pre-order. They include Demon King, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess. and Skyward Sword. The sets look amazing, and I would be willing to pay extra to receive them.


This feed made me even more hyped-up about Hyrule Warriors than I already was. I can’t wait to see what other surprises they have in store! Hyrule Warriors is released in Japan August 14, 2014 and in North America September 26, 2014.




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