The Fall

6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 7/10

Challenging puzzles | Story

Short Campaign | Battles

Game Info


DEVELOPER(S): Over The Moon Games

PUBLISHER(S): Over The Moon Games

PLATFORM(S): Wii U, eShop

GENRE(S): Puzzle/Platformer

RELEASE DATE(S): August 26, 2014


I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of this game being that I really wasn’t keeping up with it.  The beginning of it starts off as a body falling from the sky and crashes through the planet’s core.  The suit then proceeds to alert itself and check on the vitals of the pilot within.  The pilots declared unconscious and need medical attention, so the suit takes over the controls and begins the journy.  The Fall will be a guided walkthrough at the first few minutes to give you a quick rundown on how the controls work.  Once you unlock more of your suits goodies, the game will explain quickly how to use it and a quick exercise to show you how to use it before you continue your quest.


The Fall is fairly a short game depending on how troubled you are by some of the puzzles put in your path.  You will pick up robotic arms to help you reach further or a pan to hold blood so an animal can be lured out and so on and so forth.  The puzzles are good and fairly tricky at times.  The player always has to be on the lookout because anything useable could pop up at any moment.  The battles in the game feel a little boring for the most part.  Once you find a working gun, it comes with a laser sight, you will shoot enemy droids that are trying to stop you.  The reason the battles are boring to me, they hide behind something and then stick out their heads and take 3 to 4 shots and just sit there for a second, which is when you should retaliate, and then hide behind their cover again.  If you try to shoot before they finish, they will hit you with every shot.


The music and voice acting is pretty good.  I did find it a little funny when the robotic voice had a little bit of feeling when she spoke but it seemed to only come out a few times.  I figured the voice would be a consistent robotic sound without the change of tone.  Nonetheless it did not hurt it and came off pretty well.  The graphics are pretty simple with it being a 2D side scroller.  The visuals are pretty dark with little color to be seen.  It makes it feel like you are stuck in a dark damp area which makes the puzzles a little more difficult to solve because of searching with just a little flashlight.  I like it and it gives it a little more of a challenging feel to the game.


The controls in the game are okay for the most part.  I feel like moving should have been able to use either the joystick or the d-pad but the joystick was their motion of choice.  Also using the right bumper to use things felt a little weird too.  Like if you see a search icon then you would hold the right bumper to bring up your selection icons.  In the selection icons you would hold the bumper til you choose to either try to interact with things or use inventory items and then let go to make the choice.  Other than that the controls felt comfortable with shooting, looking around with the right stick, jumping and etc.


The Recommendation

If you are into the point and click kind of games but with a lot more fluid gameplay then this game is right up your alley.  I enjoyed the challenge of some of the puzzles.  I feel like the battles could have had a little more enthusiasm to them.  The graphics were good and the music and sound effects were dark and worked great with what they were trying for.  Overall it is an okay game with some challenging puzzles but I would prefer something with a lot more action.



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