8.25 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 9/10

Creative Visuals | Clever Puzzles | Great Musical Score

Too Short

Game Info

GAME NAME: Tengami




GENRE(S): Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): November 13th, 2014

I remember how much I enjoyed pop-up books when I was a kid and how I couldn’t wait to pull a tab or open a door to have something else pop out.  Nyamyam has made an interactive pop-up book style game called Tengami, which was originally an iOS game and now has made a new home on the Wii U eShop.  The game focuses on creating an adventure in a very colorful and vibrant Japan with puzzles incorporated within a pull and slide pop-up book concept.


The game starts out with a book for you to open and then unfolds the story and creates the clever interactive adventure.  You control an unnamed character who is out to search for the missing cherry blossom flowers to replenish the life back to the tree from which you sat under.  Tengami is 100% all touch screen controls and works extremely well with using the stylus to pull this tab and reveal a passage or turn a page by swiping from a corner.  You tap an area on the screen and your character will make his way  over to it and you will be constantly focusing on objects or portions of the story hoping to have a hinted area to interact with like in pop-up books.  The character moves rather slow and at first I didn’t like that, but I came to appreciate it since the adventure was over all too soon.  The puzzles that this game has shines with clever and inventive notions to create a constant problem solving experience.  Sometimes to solve a puzzle all is required is to slowly turn a page and there might be a symbol hidden that you would’ve missed if turned too fast.  Other puzzles might have you constantly folding certain areas to reveal sets of stairs or paths and moving strategically in between each newly revealed obstacle only to eventually solve the pathway puzzles completely.


Tengami has a very unique and beautiful visual style to it that has you appreciating the sites as you progress from one area to the next.  It has a water color look to it with a very believable paper pop-up animation style that looks and feels as though you really are interacting with a real pop-up book.  The colors are so vibrant and stylish they pop out so nicely on your HDTV, although you don’t look at your TV that often mainly because its all played through the gamepad.  The music is composed by David Wise, who also did the music for most of the games in the Donkey Kong franchise.  I absolutely enjoyed the musical score throughout the whole game, from the main menu to the credits it had an appealing and soothing presentation.  The sound effects were very believable as well, from the creaking of your little boat to the waterfalls running violently down the hills and mountains.

The Recommendation

Tengami is an amazing game from start to finish with the beautiful visual appeal to the cleverly executed puzzles.  It took about under two hours to complete this game, which is way too short for me personally and I wish there was more to it. Sometimes that makes a good game, when you want more content.  I highly suggest picking up Tengami so you can experience a quality game from a cool indie studio.  I sincerely hope Nyamyam makes another one with longer gameplay so I can lose myself in another artistic masterpiece.





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