Solitaire Dungeon Escape

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/10
Graphics: 5/10
Sound: 5/10

Simple, addictive gameplay | Good sound effects

Severe glitches | Generic presentation

Game Info

GAME NAME: Solitaire Dungeon Escape

DEVELOPER(S): Jose Varela

PUBLISHER(S): Jose Varela


GENRE(S): Puzzles

RELEASE DATE(S): Jun 18, 2015

Your princess is in another dungeon, apparently.

Well, let’s be honest, there’s really nothing magic about them. Thinking about them as magic, however, fits the medieval theme of the game. The simplistic story is set up in an opening cinematic that starts in the final room (your ultimate goal) of a labyrinthine dungeon and sweeps through the 10 rooms that separate you from your dear princess.

Each of these 10 rooms is locked, but you can create a key for each by solving 16 of those aforementioned solitaire games. A game starts when the card deck splits into one group of carefully placed cards, some overlapping others, and one draw deck. It might just be easier to show you:


The idea is to clear the top section of cards by selecting any of the uncovered cards that show a value one above or one below the card shown at the bottom of the screen (trust me, it’s much simpler than I’m making it out to be). Suffice it to say, the core gameplay here is strangely addicting. And it doesn’t even end there; some levels have extra requirements, such as a time limit or a minimum score.

So it’s pretty easy to lose track of time while playing this game. That is, until the difficulty ramps up unexpectedly. After that, the difficulty level goes all over the place. I got stuck on one level that had an unfair time limit, yet the next several levels after were a breeze. Unfortunately, the wonky difficulty curve isn’t even the worst part. Starting in room 3 or so, the game starts suffering from severe bugs that keep you from laying down additional cards or freeze the game completely. Sad, but true.

The visuals and music in Solitaire Dungeon Escape feel somewhat out of place, given what the gameplay is composed of, but they’re not intrusive, and that’s what really matters. Like I mentioned before, the game is set in a typical medieval dungeon locale. Though generic, the setting did produce some pleasant feelings of nostalgia in me, mostly for my RuneScape days. The game’s music is pretty much the same way. I have to specially mention the sound effects here, though, because they’re spot-on and make the cards come to life.


The Recommendation

Despite having some severe bugs and a difficulty curve that is painfully unsure of itself, I spent a good 4 hours immersed in the gameplay of Solitaire Dungeon Escape. Perhaps that just makes it all the sadder that the experience is ruined so soon. Out of a total 160 puzzles, you may only get to 48 or so before the difficulty or glitching becomes insufferable.



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