Mutant Mudds Super Challenge

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 9/10

Polished level design | Presentation captures old-school feel

Might be too difficult for some

Game Info

GAME NAME: Mutant Mudds Super Challenge

DEVELOPER(S): Renegade Kid

PUBLISHER(S): Renegade Kid


GENRE(S): Platforming

RELEASE DATE(S): March 17th, 2016

There are definitely tiers to indie developers. You can see the quality shine through on titles from certain companies such as Zoinks, Shin’en or Image & Form that resemble that which you get from AAA developers. Renegade Kid is another studio whose titles are consistently great and have an astonishing amount of polish to them. With the release of their newest title, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, not only are they making a Renegade Kid fan service with deals such as cross buy and loyalty discounts but they are also bring in an astonishing 20 hidden characters from other indies, such as the beloved Rusty from the aforementioned Image & Form’s Steamworld Dig. It’s this sort of love for their fans that keeps us coming back for more.

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge isn’t your standard sequel. I would compare it to the Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels more then I would say Super Mario Bros 2 or 3. Renegade Kid has taken the basic core of Mutant Mudds and has now made it 10 times more difficult. Every platform and enemy has been precisely placed so that there is only one way to get past…the hard way. All gloves are off and the death counter that will go up faster than your money at the gas pump will leave you hitting that retry button over and over again. I loved Mutant Mudds and thought I was pretty good at it. Well my friends, I was wrong, way wrong.


Within the first 3 levels I accumulated a massive 79 deaths. Yeah, many times I wanted to toss my Wii U GamePad through the wall, but I channeled my inner ‘Goose Froba’ Anger Management¬† style and continued on the death march. The game skips over really any story and just goes at it with good ol’ fashioned level selects.

Gameplay remains tried and true to the original Mutant Mudds. You will be taking Max through platforming hell over the course of over forty new levels and many new boss fights. If you are familiar with the original this will still provide an extremely difficult task and if you are new…forget about it. Honestly though, go back and play through the original first, not only is it one of the best indie games to date, but look at it as boot camp for Mutant Mudds Super Challenge. There are even ghost levels thrown in every third level for fans of the deluxe edition.


The graphics, and I swear maybe I’m seeing things, but I think look even better and crisper then the original. Max moves fluidly in all of his pixelated glory across beautiful 16-bit looking levels. I love the pixel art look and the throwback of old school gaming that Renegade Kid has built with this franchise. The soundtrack and sound effects follow suit in representing the best that gaming had to offer in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Maybe I’m just nostalgic because that’s what I spent many of nights in my youth playing, but nothing beats pixel art and some midi soundtracks.

The Recommendation

While Renegade Kid has another beautifully crafted gem on their hands, I have to do justice in saying that this one might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Fans of the original who don’t mind a challenge will be in gamer heaven, in that Super Challenge will satisfy the craving for more Mutant Mudds content and more difficult level designs. On the other side will be gamers who will find the game’s difficulty too daunting to overcome, who might make it through word 1-3 and then realize that they will never beat the game. I have a feeling most gamers will fit into the second description, but if you put yourself up to the test you will discover yet another Renegade Kid masterpiece.



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