Ice Cream Surfer

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

Retro 16-bit Side Scrollin Action | Crazy Story In a Good Way

Characters are a Bit Too Unbalanced | Only 6 Levels

Game Info

GAME NAME: Ice Cream Surfer

DEVELOPER(S): Dolores Entertainment S.L.

PUBLISHER(S): Dolores Entertainment S.L.

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo Wii U

GENRE(S): Side-Scrolling Shooter

RELEASE DATE(S): September 4th, 2014

Normally vegetables would be an attribute to a person’s good health but to the weird world of Ice Cream Surfers, vegetables are some of the enemies our protagonists need to blast from existence. Ice Cream Surfer is a shooter from Dolores Entertainment that tries to rekindle the genre made famous by classics such as R-Type and Gradius with its own unique take. Surfing on a ice cream cone and shooting down certain food groups, this game takes the word absurd to a whole new level.


As the story goes, the antagonist of the game, named Evil Broccoli, has grown tired of kids who hate eating vegetables and only eat ice cream. He gathers an army and plans to destroy the flavor universe so all kids would be forced to eat tasteless vegetables. Only the super sweet friends that consist of the ice cream surfer and his pals can stop the devilish fiend that is Evil Broccoli. As ridiculously awesome as this plot sounds, the game itself is just as ridiculous.

Players can choose from five different characters to play such as Ace, a kid who rides a ice cream cone, Sailor Twister, a girl who rides a twisted popsicle, Super Cream, a guy who looks like Superman but wears a ice cream sandwich, Rei Tou, a samurai who rides a double popsicle, and Hima, a yeti who rides a foot shaped popsicle. Each playable character has their own unique skills which are separate from each other. Power-ups are throughout each level which increases the shooting capabilities of each character. There are only six levels in the game each having their own boss to challenge gamers. Ice Cream Surfer also has the option to play two player co-op and select stages once the gamer has defeated each one.


Graphically Ice Cream Surfer holds up to other 16-bit indie games in terms of colorful sprites and nice designs. Leaning more towards children, the game uses plenty of bright colors and goofy cartoon characters to bring each level to life. There is plenty of action in the game with no slow down which is important in this genre. The music is fun and upbeat which fits the game but can be repetitive as each song are similar to each other.

The Recommendation

Dolores Entertainment does a good job of bring retro shooter fans back to a genre that doesn’t seem to get much love in 2014.  With the great 16-bit cartoon soundtrack and an array of cool characters to choose from, Ice Cream Surfer will keep you busy through t’s zany 6 levels.  While the characters may feel a bit unbalanced from time to time, it adds to the variety the game offers.  If you were a fan of the side-scrolling shooters, don’t miss out on this title as it does a pretty decent job paying homage to those who came before it.


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