Funk of Titans

5.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 5/10
Sound: 5/10
Gameplay: 5/10

Pop Culture References |Art style | Personality

Repetitive Boss fights | QTE's | Enemies

Game Info

GAME NAME: Funk of Titans

DEVELOPER(S): A Crowd of Monsters/EnjoyUp

PUBLISHER(S): EnjoyUp Games

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo Wii U

GENRE(S): Endless Runner

RELEASE DATE(S): May 14th, 2015

In EnjoyUp’s and A Crowd of Monster’s Funk of Titans it is your destiny to stop the evil Titans of Pop, Rap, and Rock from destroying music and restore Funk to the land. Zeus is not a fan of what the Titans are doing to music and has decided you are to take on the task of stopping them. You’ll play as his son Perseus in this runner style game where you will jump, slide, and fight your way through the games 40 or so levels.

The game breaks each genre of music up in to its own themed over world though oddly enough the have very little or nothing in common thematically to each worlds Titan. For instance Pop’s world is jungle themed, Rap is ice themed and Rock is the only one that comes close in that it has a Hellish theme. This is also surprising because each Titan is a caricature of those genres biggest names, but more on that in a bit. Each world has around 13 levels or so to play as you progress usually with one unlocking after you successfully finish another. In each world you will also encounter a sub-boss half way through before your final confrontation with the worlds Titan.

Sunset Funk

This is where the problems with Funk of Titans begin to rear their ugly heads. While the level designs are good and never frustratingly difficult or cheap, each level is populated by the exact same enemy types and sub boss encounter (it’s the same fight blow for blow and scene for scene) with the only exception being the Titan for each world though, these are also eerily similar QTE based “battles”. There are some frame rate issues as well with the biggest offense happening during the Pegasus Idol special stages where there is a very noticeable stutter or jump that just happens for no apparent reason.

The game also has a leveling system in place that allows you to unlock various themed weapons that will help you unlock different paths and Pegasus Idol Challenges, as well as helmets that are strictly fun cosmetic changes for Perseus.  The issue with is leveling up doesn’t come through collecting vinyl or completing levels, but by completing in-game challenges given to you by Zeus such as jumping on 25 enemies or dying 5 times on Pegasus Idol levels. Because you will need to level up to unlock stuff and the vinyl to purchase these items it feels like a way to forcibly increase replay value. However thanks to the games art style and personality that was not an issue for me.

The style is what really made the game an enjoyable experience for me. From Perseus in his cool yellow jump suit, 70’s style afro and attitude to the obvious inspiration for the Titans. There are so many fun pop culture references ranging from the 70’s to today littered throughout the game and it’s unlockables I couldn’t help but smile. There is something awesome about battling it out against a Titan, that is a fantastically hideous Gaga/Spears creature while wearing an Optimus Prime Head wielding a Light saber (of course in game they have slight variations due to copyrights). But admittedly I’m a sucker for that stuff.

On the sound end of things Funk of Titans is also kind of a mixed bag. While the music tracks in game are funky they lack that deep funk bass groove funk music is known for, instead the bass groove is a little to high and light. All of the sound effects get the job done and the little bit of voice used in game does convey the personality of the characters well.


The Recommendation

While I had fun playing Funk of Titans there are just too many things that get in the way of it being a truly good game instead of the middle of the road title it is. Repetitive boss fights and enemies, oddly themed levels, and graphical issues are the biggest offenders here. While the games personality, humor, art style and pop culture references really hit the mark with me. Zeus looks like Sam Jackson (Die Hard 3), Aretha instead of Athena, the GaGa/Spears Pop Titan and others are pure gold in my childlike mind. My biggest surprise was that with so much emphasis on music that was no rhythm based gameplay and strange design decisions really hurt Funk of Titans in the end. Maybe we will get a sequel that will look to games like the Bit.trip Runner, Runner2, or HarmoKnight for some of its gameplay inspiration.






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