Frenchy Bird

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Gameplay: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 6/10

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Game Info

GAME NAME: Frenchy Bird


PUBLISHER(S): Carbon Fire Studio

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo Wii U

GENRE(S): Arcade

RELEASE DATE(S): January 29th, 2015

Frenchy Bird doesn’t try to hide what it is: a blatant Flappy Bird clone. Mind you, it’s a pretty good one. The player controls Marcel the pigeon in a journey to not run into lamp posts and hanging lamps, which apparently causes instant death. Well, prepare to watch Marcel die a lot, as Frenchy Bird comes with the rage-inducing difficulty of the original Flappy Bird.

As you’ve come to expect from a Flappy Bird clone, only one action is required to play Frenchy Bird. In this case, it’s not a tap on the touchscreen, but rather a press of the A button. Marcel moves forward on his own, so all you have to do is press A at the right moments to guide him through deviously small openings. Each gap he flies through gives you a single point, and it’s only over when you fly into a lamp post…which might happen sooner than you think. When it does, you get that “CLANK!” sound that could either stop or jump-start a heart, not sure which. Regardless, it gives the game a welcome sense of comedy.

02_ingameAs you might imagine, Frenchy Bird is set in Paris. This is evident by the silhouettes of famous Paris landmarks in the background, such as the Eiffel Tower. The rest of the city, which scrolls by below, is rather dull and generic-looking. Lack of creativity aside, the visuals of Frenchy Bird are pretty polished. On the other hand, Marcel has a very strange flapping animation, but I’ll leave it at that.

Frenchy Bird has a few features that may motivate you to slog through the derived gameplay. There is a worldwide leaderboard showing the top 100 scores, so you can try to make your way through the ranks. There are also stamps to earn, but the one-track gameplay means the achievements are one-track too; in other words, all you have to do to earn stamps is reach certain scores. Oddly, my primary motivation for trying again and again and again was in the game’s music. The song that plays while you’re flapping around Paris starts over every time you have to start over, so I kept playing to see how much of the song I could “unlock”. If you’re sick of the music, however, you can turn it off via the Options screen, where you can also turn off the sound effects.

04_rankingThe Recommendation

It may be an alright Flappy Bird clone (and probably the best on the Wii U), but Frenchy Bird is still a Flappy Bird clone. The controls and gamplay are solid, but the game loses major points for lack of creativity and imagination. I hope the guys at Carbon Fire Studio spend their time and resources on something more imaginative next time, because I think the potential is there.



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