Cubemen 2

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 7/10

Cross-Platform Gameplay | User-Created Content | Skins

Lacking Community | No Story

Game Info

GAME NAME: Cubemen 2

DEVELOPER(S): 3 Sprockets

PUBLISHER(S): Nnooo Games

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo Wii U

GENRE(S): Tower Defense

RELEASE DATE(S): September 4th, 2014


Cubemen 2 is the first cross-platform game I have gotten to play on the Wii U.  This game has a never ending amount of content that will keep you busy for as long as you are willing to play the game.  If you have played any of the tower defense genre than you will have a good idea of what you will need to do to play.  If not then don’t worry because you are in luck, Cubemen 2 will give you a nice wordy tutorial to follow to help you on your way to success.  Once you have the knowledge of how to take control of your team then you can choose to play either one player campaigns or multi-player real time strategy battles.


The single player has 2 campaigns which are basically pre-defined sets of 15 stages and has single games with infinite ways to play.  The online multiplayer is like a hit or miss at being awesome.  The hit is that you can game against 5 other competitors and the miss is finding 5 other competitors.  The cool part about the online, which I believe should work with all consoles and such, is that you can play other competitors on different platforms such as the iOS.  Some of the game modes include King of the Hill and Territory which can get pretty hectic.


Cubemen 2 is exciting and frustrating all at once.  In some instances you have your powerful snipers that take forever to shoot or your weak pea shooters that shoot often but die quickly.  You have to come up with a good variety of characters to help each other stay alive longer and help defend your tower from the enemy making their way in.  The game plays using the touch screen and at times that can make it difficult as well being that if I try to move a player to a certain point and it just won’t go to the spot I am touching or if I try to deselect a player and all it does is keep moving him around instead.  I like that you can upgrade your squared battle buddies as well up to 2 times.  Each time you upgrade them, the characters health will refill and his attack range will grow wider.


Cubemen 2 is completely controlled by using the touch screen as previously stated.  Which is a lot easier to use when playing a game like this but there is some unfortunate things as well.  It is easier to use when just touching the screen to pick a character and to move them around.  The things i felt they could have added to the wii pad was the sound since about 95% of the time your looking down and not using the tv anyway.  Also, they could have probably made selecting and deselecting a little easier, as well as choosing where to move your characters.  The graphics are nothing special but work great for the way the game was made.  The music goes great with it if you are listening to it with the tv on.

The Recommendation

Cubemen 2 is a fun game and would be a lot better if the online community was relevant.  If the music and sound effects play only on the tv which is pointless considering you are staring at the touch screen the entire time playing.  The user created levels and changing of the skins are an awesome part of this game.  The online play is really fun and challenging if you can find enough people to face.  It’s a courageous take on both the tower defense and cross=platform genre’s.  I believe even though the lack of the online community, the single player of this game is worth getting especially with all the user created content to add on to the excitement.

UPDATE: We apologize for the error in the review.  The sound mode can be changed to the GamePad via an option in the settings menu.  Score was adjusted based on this update to the review .



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