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By Holly Fellmeth, November 9, 2015 Podcast

What exactly qualifies as a Mario spin-off? That’s the major issue Matt, Bradley, and I wrangle with in episode 37 of the podcast! We also chat about what we’ve been playing and our recent swag, which is once again somewhat… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, November 2, 2015 Podcast

Welcome to episode 36 of the podcast! In this episode, Matt Desind makes his long-awaited return, plus he, Bradley and I talk about Gargoyle’s Quest for the last time and finish up with a lengthy feature on our physical Nintendo… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, October 26, 2015 Podcast

Happy Halloween, everyone! Welcome to the spoopiest podcast episode of the year! In episode 35, Bradley Kragen and I talk about the insanely cute Yoshi’s Woolly World, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, and the scariest games ever we’ve… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, October 19, 2015 Podcast

Hello again, dear listeners! In episode 34 of the NintendoFever Podcast, Bradley Kragen and I chat with yet another special guest, Mike McSurdy, about the Symphony of the Goddesses, Yoshi woes, even more new takes on Super Mario Maker, and… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, October 12, 2015 Podcast

We’ve got a great podcast episode for you this week! In it, Bradley and I discuss your questions with special guest Eugene Allen from Infendo. The three of us would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, October 5, 2015 Podcast

Welcome to Matt’s final episode! …for a few weeks. For now, he, Bradley, and I have a fresh podcast episode for you, in which we speak on our recent amiibo acquisitions, the games we’ve been playing of late, and the… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, September 28, 2015 Podcast

Episode 31 of the podcast is missing a very important element called Matt Desind, but Bradley and I form our own little dynamic duo to talk about the usual topics: what we’ve been playing, what we haven’t gotten in terms… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, September 21, 2015 Podcast

We made it to episode 30! I guess that’s nothing on Super Mario Bros.’ 30 years, but we’re pretty pleased nonetheless. In this episode, Matt, Bradley, and I are happy to speak with Malik Emrys, who is the reason for… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, September 14, 2015 Podcast

Episode 29 is here! In this episode, Matt Desind, Bradley Kragen and I talk about our recent swag, which is surprisingly minimal this week. We also talk a little about Super Mario Maker in our usual What We’ve Been Playing… Read More »

By Matt Desind, September 7, 2015 3DS, 3DS, Features, Podcast, Uncategorized, Wii U, Wii U

Don’t be scared, Matt is taking over this week as the host of the podcast! While things stay about the same, there is always a bit of craziness that might happen. This week is all about Mario and the power-ups… Read More »