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By Holly Fellmeth, August 29, 2016 Podcast

Hey everyone, we’re back! In episode 73, Matt Desind and I talk about the Indie highlights coming soon to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops! Fans have a lot to look forward to, but did you know we’ve got… Read More »

By Matt Desind, August 24, 2016 Podcast, Uncategorized

That’s right in the debut episode of Marks & Smarks Ben and Matt talk about all things Cruiserweight classic, find out what happened during the sweet 16 round and go over all the action and some of the best matches… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, August 15, 2016 Podcast

Matt Desind and I are on a roll as we return for a second week in a row! In episode 72, our usual segments return, including Who’s That Pokémon?, What We’ve Been Playing, and more! We also answer some NX-related… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, August 8, 2016 Podcast

Hello to everyone, and welcome to a very overdue episode of the podcast! After trying and retrying to record episode 71, Matt and I finally decided to nix many of our usual segments in favor of focusing on an NX-centric… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, July 18, 2016 Podcast

In our continuing effort to make sure every 10th episode of the podcast is special, Matt and I are pleased to announce that the podcast can now be found on the Google Play Music app! Thankfully, we were not short… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, July 16, 2016 Podcast

Get ready for a change of pace as Mike McSurdy and Lukas Termini join forces to bring you a podcast special all about Monster Hunter Generations! As two seasoned hunters, Mike and Lukas provide a comprehensive perspective on the first… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, July 11, 2016 Podcast

Another week, another podcast! In episode 69, Matt and I are joined by Mike McSurdy to discuss our various thoughts on Pokémon Go and more. Don’t forget to keep playing Splatoon and using #NFGameClub this month! There’s a $10 eShop… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, July 4, 2016 Podcast

In addition to talking about our big disappointments with Nintendo, Matt and I are a week late getting episode 68 of the podcast out there for you listeners. Think of it as going back to a time when it was… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, June 20, 2016 Podcast

As expected, there was a lot to talk about this week on the NintendoFever Podcast! In episode 67, Matt Desind and I cover our usual segments and finish the show with a lengthy, enthusiastic discussion on Nintendo’s presence at E3… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, June 15, 2016 Podcast

Sometimes crazy ideas, such as a wish to dedicate an entire podcast episode to Fire Emblem, actually garner some interest, which brings us to the fourth NintendoFever Podcast Special! As you may have guessed, this episode features nearly two hours… Read More »