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By Kyoudai, June 16, 2015 3DS, E3, News

One of the bigger surprises of Nintendo’s Digital Event was the announcement of Next Level Game’s next title in the Prime Universe, Metroid Prime: Federation Force for the 3DS! Set to release in 2016, in Metroid Prime: Federation Force you play… Read More »

By Kyoudai, June 16, 2015 E3, News, Wii U

StarFox Zero was showcased during Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event in greater detail this year, as supposed to their micro announcement of StarFox last year! In collaboration with Platinum Games known for their tight, fast, action-packed titles and Nintnedo, StarFox Zero… Read More »

By Kyoudai, June 9, 2015 3DS, E3, Editorial, Wii U

Nintendo’s triple-E Digital Event is exactly 1 week away. Before the June 16th event arrives, follow me through the green pipe and let’s see if Nintendo’s promises of last year’s E3 either delivered or disappointed. Nintendo’s first ever Digital Event… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, May 13, 2015 E3

Nintendo’s general plans for E3 2015 are out in the open, thanks to another quirky video from the company. We’ll be getting another “Digital Event” this year, which will once again take the place of a live press conference (not… Read More »

By Jennie Hipp, August 5, 2014 E3, Legend of Zelda, News, Release Dates

(Spoiler alert) Nintendo Direct released a live feed sharing more features for the highly anticipated game Hyrule Warriors. The video made me even more excited for the game than I already was! If you want to watch the feed’s video,… Read More »

By Jennie Hipp, August 4, 2014 E3, News

Nintendo Direct is giving you access to a live feed about the all anticipated game, Hyrule Warriors!   Here are the links to watch it! The Japanese Youtube link is already up with a countdown timer! Japanese Nintendo Direct page… Read More »

By Mike, June 10, 2014 E3, News

There were a lot of awesome things to see at E3 in the world of Nintendo. Nintendo had one the best press conferences around in our opinion and we were honored that we were invited to go and be apart of… Read More »

By Anthony, May 26, 2014 E3, News

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei have finally spit out some information and fresh new screenshots from their up coming collaboration Hyrule Warriors.  It looks as if they are going to take the best for both universes and mash them up to… Read More »

By Mike, April 29, 2014 E3, News

Nintendo is doing something different yet again for this years 2014 E3. Get prepared for the new and improved Reggie and enjoy the video below from Nintendo. Other Nintendo events scheduled for E3 2014 include the following: Super Smash Bros. Invitational: Nintendo is… Read More »